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What are the Top Skincare Packaging Trends in 2021?

Skincare packaging is quite an exciting packaging type that many cosmetic brands like to use for their products. The use of special graphics is what makes them look alluring. But it is also important that they are made up of high-grade materials. With the evolution in the modern industry, many brands are looking for special packages for their products. That is the reason you will see many kinds of packages these days. If you are looking for the trending ones in 2021, we can help in showing them. Here are the top 8 trending skincare packages that you must be aware of.

Matching theme style

It is the best design that you can consider for your products. The main reason why this design is impressive is that it is connected with the product inside. It is done in many ways. But the trendy way is that businesses match the color scheme of the packaging with the theme of the item going to be there inside. It is also an impressive thing that they have images of the product going to be there inside. All these things make a great connection between the package and the products. As a result, it is becoming increasingly popular in this age. 

Sleeve box design

We are not talking about the simple slipcase or sliding tray box here. Sleeve custom skincare boxes are something else that many brands are preferring these days. It consists of two parts. One is a sleeve that has a secondary part inside. The second part can be a tray or an entire package. In both cases, the sleeve is the center of focus. Some brands prefer to have a dedicated handle to pull the tray out. But generally, it does not come with a handle. The use of special graphics is common on it. Businesses like to use embossing or debossing technology on the sleeve to make it look more appealing. 

Magnetic closure box

It is a pretty special type of package that many brands love to have for their cosmetic items. It is a foldable lid package, but there is something special in its closing and opening style. A magnet is there on the edge of the foldable lid. An iron plate is fixed inside the tray adjacent to the place where a magnet will connect the tray. Due to this, people can easily open and close this package without any worry. The magnetic closure also presents a rich value of the item inside due to its unique feature. That is the reason why this style is trending these days.

Branded package

Among many other packaging types, this one stands out because of its connection with the brand. For this purpose, you have to ensure a great connection between whatever package you choose for your products. Yes, you get it right. It does not have any specific style or type, but the printing is what makes the difference. A logo is necessarily there. But brands also use a matching theme with their brand in this matter. You can also use the theme of your logo to make them look connected to the brand. The use of a special image that is linked with the business is also usable on them. That makes it a popular packaging type among the others.

Shoulder box style

It is quite an interesting style of package that is gaining popularity in the skincare industry as well. You can categorize it among the most luxurious ones that many premium brands like to use for their products. The main focus is on their structure that has three parts. A tray is fixed inside the base. The lid is placed on the tray that makes a sleek line between base and lid. Generally, the sleek line comes in contrast. Businesses can print it with different styles to enhance its overall look. That is why it is trending in 2021.

Telescope box

It is a convenient package that is trending even in this modern era. Many brands like to use it for packaging their low or medium-end products. The same is the case when we are talking about cosmetic products. It has a removable lid on the top side. Businesses can use various kinds of graphics on it. It is easy to alter its shape and size according to the convenience of the businesses. Its colors have a great variety as well. That shows why it is among the most popular ones these days. 

Dual encasement package

It will not be a lie if we say that is pretty recommended skincare packaging these days. The main reason behind this is its protection abilities. Some skincare items are pretty delicate and costly. That means these items need proper protection against many harmful elements. For example, dust, light, air, chemicals, bacteria, etc. Another layer of cardboard inside the packaging means it will protect the items from those major harmful elements. That is why it is quite popular these days.

Window box style

Any kind of box can become this one. But the main thing about this is the use of a special window on it. Here, we are not talking about the simple rectangular window. But the one that is manufactured using die-cut technology. This technology allows the brands to make different shapes of the window. As a result, the box has a special-looking window on it. It helps in presenting the skincare item in great style. That helps enhance the sales of the item. So, it is a good cause why it is trending these days.

Many kinds of skincare packaging boxes are there in the market, but some have made a special place. Cardboard or Kraft materials are common among them, but they can differ in structure, shape, lid style, and many more. That is why we have shown the top trending styles of skincare packages that you must be aware of.

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