What are the various types of bongs you should know?

Smoking should be a pleasant experience, relaxing you from the first puff or hit you take, rather than messy, uncomfortable, or unpleasant. However, standard pipes don’t always do that, as they lack the filtrating mechanism.

But what about glass water pipes or bongs? Well, ardent smoking enthusiasts love their water pipes, and with due reason. They clean the smoke of tar, ash, and other impurities before reaching the mouth to provide a clean, smoother hit.

From a distance, they resemble a device that belongs in a science laboratory, with their bowls, percolators, water chambers, and downstems. But, once you try them, you will realize what you’ve been missing so far.

However, even though these water pipes have a similar appearance, they come in various designs and features. Each pipe has a unique quality about it, which is something you understand when you start using it.

What are the different types of bongs and other details you should know about them? Read on to know.

Different types of water pipes

If this is your first time trying out water pipes, here are some famous ones worth knowing before buying one:

Scientific Bongs

These are larger than your normal-sized bongs and usually come with more percolators. Percolators are round-shaped devices that filter the smoke, helping you enjoy a smoother hit.

Having more than one percolator also helps to cool the smoke, ensuring you have a smooth smoking experience. These come in various patterns and sizes.  Scientific pipes are also more heat-resistant than others and last long without cracking.

Large-size Bongs

If you are a beginner, these are probably not for you. You could try them, but try taking things slowly at first. They get their names from the large-sized bowls, which provide massive rips in one go.

Although they offer large rips, the hit is cleaner and smoother because of their increased percolation.

Mini-sized Bongs

If you like to smoke on the go, you must consider finding a pipe that’s small and sturdy. It must be easy to carry and clean, and small enough to allow you to store it discreetly in your bag.

Consider these if you are a beginner at smoking glass pipes, as they provide excellent hits with cool and filtered smokes. Most mini-sized ones are four inches high with an apple-shaped body.

Ice Bongs

In an ice bong, the ice remains on the catcher for a short period of time, after which it begins melting. In addition, these pipes contain a small amount of glycerin, making them much better than ice water pipes. When the ice melts, the water levels rise in the bowl, affecting the quality of smoke you are looking for.

You don’t have to worry about increasing water levels with these. Most have a removable neck that you can fill with as much glycerin as you want. You can also put the neck in the freezer for extra chilling effects.

Bongs enhance your smoking experience by letting you enjoy bigger hits with cool and highly-filtered smoke. They are easy to use and withstand high temperatures before cracking or breaking.

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