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What Décor Should I Use in between Christmas and Spring: Ten Ways to Make Your Home Spring Ready

The transition from holiday season to dull and drab routine days strips one of the joys brought in by Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Baring your house off of those bright fairy lights, Christmas tree, mistletoe and holly will certainly dampen the merry and cheerful atmosphere. We want you to hold on to the jolly and uplifting holiday spirit for longer periods of time. It is not yet time to sulk, we have come up with ten ways to make your home a dazzling place in between Christmas and spring. This is your answer to what décor you should use in between Christmas and spring.

1.            Keep the Sparkle Alive with Fairy lights

Your house can turn dark and gloomy once you box your Christmas decorations back up. By keeping the fair lights on you can keep the sparkle alive. For the remainder of the dark cold winter days, and even when the spring comes, fairy lights can add to the bright décor of your home. You can hang them on railings, wrap around picture frames, mantles, door frames and around the plants. If you want subtle decorations then the best way is to use them in a corner.

2.            Make Your Home Smell Like a Fresh bouquet of Flowers

When you are deliberating on what décor you should use in between Christmas and spring, your focus should remain on items that can be used throughout the year, and in innovative ways. No home décor is going to be complete without making your place smell like a bowl filled with fresh summer flowers. There is a wide variety of options available such as scented candles and wicks. You can add fresh flowers (both centerpieces and corner vases).  fabric perfume sprays can also be used to make your sheets smell heavenly.

You can choose the fragrance according to your own taste. The time between Christmas and spring is a perfect time to enjoy winter evenings sitting on a comfortable couch with a glass of wine, a classic book and the fire cracking beside you. The dreamy evenings will be picture perfect with the addition of a couple of scented candles.

3.            Add Floral Wreaths to Bring in Early Spring vibes

Floral wreaths are currently one of the most celebrated home decoration items. Once associated strictly with Christmas decorations, wreaths have now taken over as a simple and sophisticated décor item which you can use for decoration in between Christmas and spring, and during bright summer days. Wreaths can be made out of fresh flowers, even though they won’t last long but the fragrance will certainly create a jolly bright ambiance. Wreaths made from artificial cloth flowers are more sustainable. They can be used on top of your mantle, above the fireplace, in a corner with a side table and a lamp, and outdoors on walls and the main door. Be as creative as you want, wreaths can prove invaluable in decorating indoors as well as outdoors of your house.

4.            Add Plants and Flowers

When choosing decorations that you can use between Christmas and spring, you must not forget plants. All of us sacrifice a couple of home plants to chilly air, and dry sunless winter. While the air might still be ruthless, and your heart might still be broken due to loss of that beautiful flowering plant that you had been nurturing, now is the time to bring in new colors. You can add different types of indoor and outdoor plants. The best way is to decorate the front wall of your home with a peony wreath. Use evergreen hang plants and bright picture frames. Paint your wall with bright fresh colors and you have got a bright sunny corner of your own. You can complete this décor by adding fancy outdoor lights and hanging lamps.

5.            Add Patterned Rugs and Throws Indoors and Outdoors

Rugs and throws are one of the easiest and coziest ways to décor your home in between Christmas and spring. Place weather resistant rugs out on the porch. Put bright colored centerpieces and rugs in the common room. You can add in throws and throw pillows to really accentuate the décor of your rooms.

6.            Welcome Mat, Wreath, Fairy Lights and Happy Thoughts

Christmas and New Years decorations make our outdoors and main entrances cheery, bright and happy. Once those decorations are taken off, the dull and gloomy outdoors kill the ambiance and the mood before even entering the house. When choosing décor for in between Christmas and spring your main focus should be on reinventing the outdoor Christmas decorations in such a way that the cheerful happiness that is now wrapped in your storage boxes can again be brought back.

Put a bright colored welcome mat. You can decorate your front wall with some framed happy thoughts. You can place a bright floral wreath as the center of this setting and complete the overall look with small fairy lights.

7.            Statement Lighting

Christmas is a time which brings out all the bright lights within and without. Once you put out the lights, dark cold evenings can turn depressing and sad. Nothing can elevate your décor in between Christmas and spring as adding some vibrant statement lighting in different corners of your home. From washrooms and kitchen to outdoor garden, porch, balconies and living rooms, any corner of your house can entirely change once you add a piece of light to it.

You can use lamps, fancy light bulbs and spot lights. If you are little out there and grandeur is your thing, then adding a chandelier as a centerpiece can transform the overall ambiance of the room.

8.            Vertical Gardens

What décor should I use between Christmas and spring? How about inviting spring early into your home? Even if you do not have extra space for an outdoor or a rooftop garden, vertical gardens can make up for the lack of that green space. You can plant in small pots installed on a wooden plank or can use a wall for this purpose. The choice of plants also depends on your personal taste, it can be anything from indoor plants, to floral or a small vertical kitchen garden. In case of indoor setting, you can also add a decorative waterfall to enhance the overall appearance of a discreet corner, or under the stairs space.

9.            Decorative Mirrors

Nothing can replace all the glitz and glitter of Christmas and new year’s decorations as much as a decorative wall mirror. Depending on available space, you can use multiple small pieces or one big framed mirror. Mirrors not only act as a sophisticated and classical home decoration item; they create an illusion of a bigger space. Add on some fancy lights, one-tone furniture, satin curtains and a contemporary rug and you have your own regal living space.

10.  Art Pieces

The time between Christmas and spring is the time of transition and transformation. During this time sleeping, cold weather slowly turns into cheerful magnificence. You can curate art pieces representing the transitional phase. Paintings, sculptures, portraits and even your personal photographs can be used to enhance the beauty of your home. Why limit your décor in between Christmas and spring to mediocre ideas, use this time to enhance your space in such a way that it is a true representation of your personal taste.

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