Likert Scale

What do you know about Likert Scale Survey Template?

Survey is a tool to collect people’s opinion, customers’ feedback and products’ ratings. One can analyze the data and according to the results one can easily formulate a business plan and strategy. Surveys play a key role in defining what people like and what people dislike about specific items and products. It’s easy to get customers’ feedback by questionnaire to judge the performance of the company.

Likert Scale

There are multiple ways to collect respondents’ responses by providing different questionnaire Templates.

is used to get products’ ratings from the customers to provide the analytical data for the quality of the products. It’s a research-based survey methodology to get analytical rating data of different items separately. It can be summed up to define the rating scale and therefore it is called summative scales. It gives simple results to understand the rating of your company’s features and the products.

What is the importance of scale type/ Length questionnaire?

It’s important to design a scale type or scale length template for acquiring respondents’ responses. There are multiple scale length points such as:

  • 4 point scale
  • 5 point scale
  • 7 point scale
  • 9 point scale

These point scales are used to rate the item or product according to the quality and company’s services. Mostly, a 5 point scale template is used which has ranging values from 1 to 5 and the respondents are asked to choose one of the rating numbers. The 5-point scale usually has a neutral number in the middle that can show the neutrality of the customers’ feedback. 4- point scale has no neutral number in the middle and one has to choose the most appealing and least appealing rating number of a given item. 7-scale is considered the most accurate rating scale to rate different items and products. It also has a neutral number in the middle of the scale.

Where to use Likert Scale?

It can be used when you need to get ratings from the customers about your product and companies’ services. It is used in dealing with product research in the market and you can get feedback from the customers about which product you should launch in the market and which should not. It is also used for employee surveys to get satisfactory results from the employees and they can easily rate their company’s policies and services on the 5-point scale ranging from 1 to 5.

The rating scale ranging from 1 to 5 has multiple responding categories. For example, you can customize your survey template by allocating numbers from 1 to 5 in strongly agree or dislike to strongly disagree or dislike. It would give:

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

These responses show how much people like your product or company’s services. If you get analytical data that shows most 1 and 2 scale ratings then it means your company has positive feedback or rating from the customers.

Creating a Likert Scale

It’s easy to create likert scale templates for surveys. You can add likert scale elements on online survey platforms like SurveyKing and after this select response anchors such as dislike options. After this you can upload different items for rating purposes and can easily upload the survey template to google reviews.

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