Vinyl Glove

What is a Vinyl Glove and what are the benefits of this glove for health?

Most will be aware that vinyl is a type of plastic because it’s used in vinyl records. A vinyl glove is a glove made from a synthetic material composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticizers that softens the material. The fit and feel of vinyl gloves mean that they may not be ideal for activities requiring a high level of precision. These gloves are easy to wear and are made from a high-quality laboratory manufacturer.

Many leading companies supply high-quality vinyl gloves wholesale. There are different ranges designed to meet different needs in many different industries. They are easily available in medical stores and during pandemic times, these gloves lead to better hand sanitization. The vinyl gloves wholesale can be used in food preparations, hair coloring, household cleaning, industrial or janitorial uses as they can be changed as many times as you want.

Properties of vinyl gloves

  • They are latex-free. The incidence of allergies with vinyl gloves wholesale is said to be less than 1%.
  • They fit loosely hence your hands do not sweat as it allows your skin to breathe.
  • They are cheap
  • They are anti-static
  • They are not ideal for any heavy industrial work or handling chemicals.

Benefits of Vinyl Gloves

  • Vinyl Gloves wholesale is a popular choice when it comes to cost-effectiveness and durability is not important. They are budget friendly in many industries and where they need to be changed frequently.
  • These gloves are eco-friendly and they do not create any type of contamination when one wears them for a long time.
  • These gloves are made from PVC which is most widely used and readily available plastics in manufacturing of gloves. PVC enable the gloves to be made as an alternative to natural rubber and replaces latex and this makes them the best choice for people with latex allergies.
  • One can easily clean and maintain the gloves and you can also use the lab-tested gloves to get the best benefits.
  • They are loose which allows agility of hands, so that they can move freely, and the tasks can be done quickly. This also allows your palms to breathe.
  • Vinyl Gloves wholesale come coated with cornstarch which makes it easy to wear and easy to remove.
  • Due to their anti-static nature they are good choice when working with wires and cords. Stripping back sheaths on cords with tools can cause static and these gloves are using in protecting hands from chafing.

Relevant Applications

  • Food Prep/Service

Their light-weighted nature makes vinyl gloves wholesale the most preferred and common choice in the food industry.

  • Industrial

The vinyl gloves are suitable for light industrial work, such as janitorial work where every day, low hazard cleaning products will be used.

  • Beauty

Salon staff providing services such as hair dying use vinyl gloves as it saves their hands from being stained with the color and keep their skin safe from any chemicals. These gloves are available in many colors and you can also get them in different styles and sizes.

  • Medical

The vinyl gloves are manufactured to meet the EN 455, pertaining to medical use. They are used for examination process or there are not subjected to heavy duty work.

  • Personal care

Where effective barrier protection is the key, vinyl gloves are the go-to choose as they are perfect to use while caring for elderly or children as gloves need to be changed frequently.

The vinyl gloves wholesale are refined and produced to be class-leading product which you can rely on. But they are still available at an excellent price and quality. You can also buy the gloves in bunch so that during pandemic times your hands stay safe and hygienic.

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