What is Botox? Procedure $ Side Effects of Botox

Botox is a drug that is derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is the same as life-threatening toxicity. It is used by doctors to cure many health issues. Although a very small dose is used to cure the health issues. Botox is the first injectable botulinum toxin, hence it is widely used.

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Repetitive facial movements cause dynamic wrinkles on the face that no one likes. To remove wrinkles and fine lines botox is done.


The following are the most popular uses of Botox:

  • Reduction of face wrinkles.
  • Reduce underarm sweating.
  • Reduce the disorder that causes severe neck and shoulder pain known as Cervical
  • Cure blepharospasm (uncontrollable blinking).
  • Cure misaligned eyes.
  • Cure chronic migraine.
  • Helps in face slimming.
  • Cure sialorrhea (chronic drooling).
  • Reduce the thighs fat.


If a botox injection is given to the person, either it weakens the muscles or blocks the nerves. It prevents the muscles from contracting, which helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Generally, doctors suggest avoiding alcohol, and aspirin before 1 week of treatment. Even doctors suggest avoiding rubbing the injected part for at least 24 hours so that it does not spread to any other part of the body. The person taking the treatment needs to stay straight for 4 hours after getting injected, and should avoid exercising for a day.

Breastfeed mothers and pregnant women are not allowed to take the botox treatment. The effect of the treatment lasts up to three to twelve months.


There are some common and temporary side effects of Botox. The following are some of the side effects:

  • Headache: But it goes within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Upset stomach.
  • Only a small percentage of people suffer from eyelid drooping. It also goes within 3 weeks.
  • Dry eyes or severe tearing.
  • Crooked smile.
  • Mild pain in the injected area.
  • Feeling unwell for a few days.

In case if anyone feels like a botulism symptom, they should immediately seek medical help. The following are some serious symptoms after botox injection that need to be medicated:

  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Vision problem.
  • Difficulty in speaking.
  • Weakness for more than 2 weeks.
  • Loss of sense of bladder.


Botox treatment on face is one of the most reliable treatments in the market today. Once you have done with the treatment, you should take care of yourself to avoid the problems. The following are something that you should not do after Botox treatment:

  • Avoid going in heat and sun: Exposure to sun and heat may cause inflammation to your skin. Avoid going in heat and sun for at least 24 hours. And if necessary wear a cap or cover your face with a scarf.
  • Avoid washing your face: Don’t wash your face for at least 6 hours. Also, don’t apply moisturizer.
  • Skip the wine and heavy exercises: Wine thins the blood and can cause bleeding on the injected area. Heavy exercise prevents Botox from settling the nerves and muscles. So, avoid wine and exercise.
  • Don’t lie on your face, it will not help in settling the muscles.
  • Don’t rub your face. The injected area can get irritated on rubbing and even can cause redness. Hence, it is advised not to rub the face after the Botox treatment.
  • Whenever you stop taking the botox treatment, the muscles will start working as animals before the treatment. But still, you will look younger than your actual age. Because you delayed the aging process for several years. How much you look younger depends on how much you have taken the treatment, and how early you have started taking the treatment.


It is suggested to take the botox treatment from some licensed medical professionals. Since it reduces the risk of complications. The person having no license can treat you, but there are many chances for complications. So, take the treatment from licensed professionals.

Also, talk to your doctor about the side effects and recovery period.

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