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What is the difference between time Critical delivery and Expedite delivery?

In ordinary cases, where there is a package to reach a destination within a specified duration, time-critical delivery is better than express shipping. But at times, the package’s value and significant weight are so valuable and sensitive that it needs to reach the receiver as soon as possible. What courier services is the best option in such a scenario? 

We all know that time-critical delivery services are rare and guaranteed services with many functions that might vary based on the service provider. They are usually the best option to deliver quick and time-restraint shipments with proper handling and maintenance. 

However, expedited delivery services are the ideal solution when it comes to super fast deliveries. Nonetheless, in this post, we will discuss how time-critical and expedited delivery services vary only with the slightest differences. 

Both these delivery services are time-constraint services. They provide many benefits to the shippers, from safety & security to speed and proper handling. 

Time-critical shipping services 

Knowing the difference between expedite delivery and time-critical delivery is helpful when choosing a time-sensitive courier service. Even if there is a minor difference between these two types of delivery services, the similarity is that both are actually time restraint courier services. 

The only difference that you can see between time-critical delivery and expedited delivery is that the former has to reach its destination before the said time passes. In the later delivery service, the shipment is to be delivered to its destination as fast as possible. Maybe within a day too. 

The main reason why people choose different delivery services is due to speed and other benefits. Suppose you have to send a wedding gift overseas before a specific date. In such a scenario, you can go with the time-critical delivery services. You will also get unique benefits if the value of the package is sensitive. If possible, the white-glove service option might also be added. 

White glove delivery is an added unique service available for specific shipments that need special care and maintenance in a time-critical delivery. Nonetheless, the courier service you choose highly depends on the urgency of the shipment. 

Expedited delivery services 

When there is an urgency with package delivery, you cannot afford to make the wrong delivery choice. Expedited shipping service is one such quick delivery option yet not bound by time restraints. 

Expedited shipping is simply a time-critical delivery service that ensures delivery of your package faster than a standard delivery during transit. To ensure their fast service, you might be happy to know that vehicles under expedited deliveries rarely stop during transit. 

The expedited delivery vehicles pick up the package and directly move towards the delivery destination. These vehicles usually always move with two drivers working shifts to reduce the transit time. 

Regular deliveries usually take around 5 to 7 days to reach their destination. If you receive the package earlier, it will be expedited shipping. The expedited shipping, on average, takes about 2 to 3 days. 

Expedited shipping services come at a higher charge than standard shipping services. You get an online tracking feature for your shipment. If you got multiple packages, you also get the option to get them delivered in a single truck or different trucks. A 3PL company usually executes this service. 

So, the difference? 

Well, expedited shipping service simply makes the delivery process faster to reach its destination. If it usually took three days, expedited delivery would take one day. Time-critical shipping is for delivering shipments that must reach their destinations on a specified date and day. 

If a time-critical delivery service is not explicitly opted by the sender of the package, usual freight times are estimated. Still, it would guarantee that the shipment will be delivered on time in its proper shape and condition. 

Expedited shipping is carried out via Truckload carriers or the LTL network. These include GPS tracking to keep the transparency of service during transit times. 

That being mentioned, where time-critical shipping is executed to reach its destination before time, the shipper can prefer different transportation modes. However, only one type of transportation is used during expedited shipping to lessen the transit period. No matter how urgent your shipment’s value, you will get tracking options. 

Typical scenarios where expedited shipping is preferable are:

  • Delivery of medical equipment or tool like emergency supplies.  
  • Delivery of parts critical to machinery to accomplish an arduous and sensitive activity. 
  • Delivery of inventories essential to meet the manufacturing deadline. 

In other words, expedited shipping is more or less works the same as to express shipping services

Common cases where time-critical shipping is preferable are:

  • Delivery of shipment for a time-specific appointment. 
  • Delivery of installation parts. 

All in all, both are shipping services that deal with delivery speed. We hope this guide is helpful to you

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