Checked Shirt

What Men Should Know About the Checked Shirt?

Checked shirts are trending nowadays amongst men. They are a wardrobe necessity. Checked shirts can add much style, life as well as uniqueness to an outfit. A man can have much freedom with this piece of clothing.

Types available

There are different types of checked shirts available. You can get plaid checks, gingham checks, windowpane checks, tattersall check patterns, pin checks. Check out the different types available so that you can choose the one that will suit you best.

Tips to wear the same checked shirt

If you want to wear the checked shirt formally, this will be with a tie. The shirt will be fully tucked in. You will wear it with pants as well as leather shoes. This will give you a professional look that will be perfect for an office environment.

Checked shirts can also be worn to less formal occasions and still look good. You will not wear a tie with this. Simply wear the shirt and you will look respectable.

When wanting to go out in the evening, the shirt can be worn casually. You can tuck it in with jeans or even chinos. When wanting to wear the checked shirt to a casual occasion, it can be un-tucked. You can pair it with some jeans. Sneakers and boots can be worn with them. It is possible to also wear this shirt casually by leaving the buttons unbuttoned. Wear an undershirt with it.

Shopping for a checked shirt online

If you want to buy check shirt for men online, you will see that there is a variety of presents. You must do your research carefully so that you can end up with something good. The following tips can be kept in mind here:


You must take your measurements carefully so that you know which size to get. Size is important if you want the shirt to look good on you.

Take your measurements with a measuring tape and make sure that these are accurate. Look at the size chart for the particular shirt that you want to buy. Choose the one that is closest to the measurements you have gotten.


It is important to check out reviews of the store that you want to buy the shirt from. Make sure you know what customers have to say about it. Check these out from valid sites like Facebook. They must not be fake reviews.


The policies of the store are important as well. Find out the shipping costs if you do not want to end up having to pay much.

Also, look at the return policy. You may need to return an item. It should be possible to do this.

It is important to stay in style if you want to look good. A check shirt can let men dress stylishly and feel good. However, you must get the right one which will look good on you. Buy from a reputable place and check out the fabric of the shirt carefully.

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