What Motorcycle Will Suit You

What Motorcycle Will Suit You

Getting your first motorcycle is an exciting adventure. Your lifestyle, riding experience, and hobbies are just some of the things to consider when choosing the right motorbike. Whether you’re riding off-road or prefer to cruise along the coast, we have listed some questions you should ask yourself before selecting your perfect bike.

What kind of riding do I want to do?

This can be a difficult question to answer before you purchase a bike. Maybe you’re an experienced rider, full of confidence and longing for an off-road escape, with that in mind you may be keen on adventure riding from the get-go with a sport-touring bike like a Suzuki GSX. Or perhaps you prefer a leisurely Sunday ride in your spare time, with just enough power to give you a thrill but still be within your comfort zone. Supersport bikes like the Honda CBR650R give you an adrenaline fix while still being suitable for beginners.

What’s my riding experience?

Although you may have established what type of riding is suited to your personality, your riding ability will still be an important factor to consider when choosing a motorcycle. You may be a speed fiend, but lack relevant experience or you may desire a long Sunday ride in an iconic cruiser, but the low seating position and handling aren’t suitable for total beginners.

Finding a balance between what you want and what you’re capable of is paramount when choosing a bike. Shopping around and speaking to the knowledgeable staff at motorcycle dealerships will help you establish the appropriate level of comfort, power, and handling suitable to your riding experience.

What are my interests?

Having an interest in motorcycles is probably what led you to buy one in the first place, but love for motorcycles can arise for a few different reasons. Maybe it was Sunday tradition to go for a leisurely ride with a parent and you want to recreate your childhood memories by buying a cruiser. Or maybe you’ve been following motorsports for years and that’s how you found your passion for speed and sports bikes. If that sounds like you, maybe a more powerful bike model might be the better choice.

If your hobbies include being out in nature, hiking or camping, an adventure bike can also be a good option to complement these activities. While they offer plenty of features and the build can make longer, scenic rides even more enjoyable. Then match your adventurous spirit with an adventure bike, it could be the most fun you can have on a bike.

What’s my budget?

Your riding experience, budgeting, and how you view money, can reflect your bike selection. You might be an ‘all or nothing type of person who wants to go big with your first motorbike and have the best accessories immediately, or you’re more understated with your spending and prefer to start small by purchasing a used motorcycle. A bigger budget may provide you with more options to choose from with both new and used bikes being in your price range.

This comes back to establishing what the bike will be used for. If you’re planning on multiple rides a week, a powerful, expensive bike is worth it. However, if you’re doing a leisurely ride a few times a month, then a used bike might make more sense for your requirements.

What will a motorcycle mean to me?

Establishing how you view a motorcycle is a big indicator of what type of bike will suit you. You may be the type of person who sees an expensive purchase such as a bike, as their prized possession. You’ll love taking it out on rides but will spend your spare time perfecting it, purchasing new features and motorbike accessories for your ‘pride and joy. Iconic bikes like cruisers fit this type of personality perfectly. They look and feel premium while also having a classic ‘collector’s item’ aesthetic.

If you are of the ‘need for speed’ mindset, however, then you will love your bike primarily for the thrill it gives you while you’re riding it, rather than its look and feel. If this is the case, then sport or sport-touring bikes may be the right option. To explore an array of motorcycles and motorbike accessories to suit all personalities, visit Peter Stevens.

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