What Personal Injury Attorney Can I Trust in San Jose?

It’s an unfortunate fact that anyone is at risk of becoming an accident victim at practically any time. Car accidents are among the most common causes of personal injuries, with up to 50 million people worldwide suffering from car crash-related injuries each year. There’s no shortage of dangerous roads in the United States, and the state of California is known to have some of the most dangerous roads in the nation. If you’ve suffered a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident in the San Jose area, it can be hard to know what to do next.

Naturally, if your injury was suffered due to the fault or negligence of a third party, you’ll want fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages due to time away from work, and emotional distress. Car accidents can result in injuries as serious as major spinal cord injuries, which can have lifelong consequences. While you may believe that your insurance company will compensate your personal injury claim, insurance companies don’t make their money by actually paying out. If you believe your claim is being unfairly denied, or you need to seek punitive damages from a responsible party, you’ll need a San Jose personal injury attorney you can trust. That’s where Bohn & Fletcher, LLP comes in.

These attorneys know how difficult and confusing it can be to try and face a personal injury case on your own. With over 40 years of experience representing people injured due to the fault of others, these attorneys will provide the legal advice and representation you’ll need to have your best chance at a successful verdict with your unique personal injury lawsuit. Here are just a few things you should do to serve your best interests before your free consultation.

Take all medical advice seriously.

Any time you suffer an injury in an auto accident, even if you don’t think it’s a serious injury, it’s crucial to seek medical attention as soon as possible for your own safety. In addition to your safety, getting immediate care also documents that all of your injuries were suffered at the scene of the accident in your medical records. This will have an impact on your case later if the defendant tries to discredit your claims by saying the injuries could have come from a different source.

You’ll also want to follow all medical advice you’re given and go ahead with any recommended treatments and follow-up appointments. This helps document the pace of your recovery, and it establishes that you’re taking your recovery seriously, which can have an impact on your full compensation.

Collect any relevant evidence regarding the accident.

Before you visit an attorney in San Jose for an initial consultation, it’s important to realize that personal injury attorneys are typically paid on a contingency basis. This means that they’ll only collect their fee as a percentage of your settlement if you win your personal injury case. Because of this, many personal injury lawyers are careful about the cases they take on since each one is a potential risk. You want to make sure that you’re presenting a “winnable” case to ensure an experienced San Jose lawyer will take it.

Among the most important pieces of evidence that you should gather are photographs of any injuries and property damage you suffered in the accident. If you have video or photographic evidence of the accident itself, that’s even better. Even if you don’t have anything from the scene, it can still be worthwhile to go back and photograph any stoplights, street signs, skid marks, or anything else that can lend more context to the scene. Any witness statements or police reports will be valuable evidence, too, as will your medical records.

Bringing these materials to your consultation will show that you’re taking your case seriously, and it should impress virtually any personal injury lawyer. Once your case is accepted, follow any advice your San Jose attorney gives you to the letter, so you’ll have your best chance at a successful outcome.

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