What Should You Check Before Buying Cat CBD Products?

It is your responsibility as a cat owner to keep your kitties healthy and happy. If you have had a positive experience with CBD yourself and are wondering if the same will apply to your cats, the short answer is yes.

However, buying cat CBD products requires a good understanding of the industry and CBD itself.

Learn how CBD works for cats and how to buy the right cat CBD product with the following guide:

CBD Oil for Cats – Benefits

CBD products are made by extricating cannabidiol from hemp plants, including flowers and leaves.

Other than the plants, cannabinoids also occur naturally in humans, dogs, cats, and other mammals. This is because every mammal has an active endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS influences several mental and bodily functions. It plays a significant role in controlling sleep, managing stress, reducing inflammation, improving motor control, elevating mood, and improving appetite.

Just like humans, cats also deal with various chronic health issues in their life. Whether you want to reduce the symptoms and side effects of these problems or implement a wellness plan for your cat, cat CBD oil can help significantly.

Before you buy a CBD product for your cat, there are a few things you need to know first.

Check the Labeling

While looking through CBD products, make sure to read the labels entirely before making a selection. Sometimes, a few unethical CBD sellers dealing with pet products may have misleading labels in their products.

Such products may turn out to be ineffective when used. So, check and re-check the labels, and in case you have any concerns, take it up with the customer service before you make the final purchase.

Check for Additives

One of the essential factors that you must check is the inclusion of artificial additives in the CBD product. At any cost, try to avoid CBD products that have additives or artificial ingredients.

Whether the manufacturer has included any form of artificial preservatives or Xylitol for flavor, it is always better to stick to CBD products with fewer additives.

Look For Full Spectrum CBD

When buying CBD for cats, it is better to pick full-spectrum CBD oil rather than broad-spectrum, or CBD isolates products. With full-spectrum, your pet will get the most out of the cannabinoids.

Also, make sure that the product that you choose has less than 0.3% THC content. Remember, if the product’s label says No THC or Pure CBD, you must steer clear of it.

Pick the Right Brand

Rather than buying CBD products from unknown sellers, or overseas sellers, you should look for brands based in the U.S. This is because international sellers may use low-quality hemp oil, which affects your product quality and results. Therefore, it is better to get cat CBD oil from reliable sellers located in the U.S.

Thanks to the farm bill 2018, the CBD industry is now at large, catering to the needs of humans and furry pets. So, if you think your feline friend needs support in managing health issues, you can very well treat them with CBD products without any hesitation.

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