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What the World Would Be Like Without Mobile App

Nowadays, apps are a fundamental part of everyone’s life, we have apps to order food, rent cars, reserve hotel rooms, play games, meet people, etc., but what would happen if they ceased to exist?

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Apps are no longer just leisure and entertainment tools for young people, who are the generation that was practically born with them and who would be unable to make a daily life without them, apps have become an indispensable element for society.

They help us to interact with friends who are in the distance and for free, to make the purchase from the sofa, they facilitate us to reach our destination without getting lost, applications have even been developed to be in contact with your doctor and communicate with him before any urgency.

Conquering our cell phones has become the next great goal, most of the applications that come out on the market die quickly due to lack of users, we all install them, we test them for a while and then we simply forget them.

This worsens with the consumption of space on our cell phones, even though the capacity can be expanded in various ways, this space is led by our photos, temporary music, videos, and above all, all the information that they send us through WhatsApp, this has made us more selective when defining which application we leave on our cell phone.

It is not a trend to have an application, it must be a real decision, a real project, an undertaking and it is not for everyone.

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Google itself has been working precisely on being able to generate applications that are not applications per se, although, even, it may be better than an app.

It has always been a matter of contention between different visions of development, application, or web, for many, it is an endless debate, but for us, it is the true future, taking advantage of the potential we have in our cell phones to generate true experiences without installing anything digital.

We have an app for practically everything, but some are part of our daily routine, and that without them, surely our life would be chaos.


This application is one of the most used in the world, although not one of the first. With it, we communicate between friends, those who live practically around the corner, or with those who are on the other side of the world. With it you can share images, videos, files, and even call, we are going to give it great utility in our daily life, basically, from the moment we wake up.

Google maps

Google Maps is the most widely used app in the world, being something understandable, and that is, who can imagine turning to old paper maps on their trips? And it is no longer about its use when traveling, we also use it daily to reach any street in our city, establishments, etc., An indispensable application that we have on practically all Android and Apple devices.


This application is the most used social network in the world, being the most downloaded worldwide. It is an application that we use daily to socialize with friends or cyber friends that we have anywhere in the world. In it we share news, music, we learn about the daily life of our favorite artists, we follow the trends of our favorite fashion chains, and so on. This app has more users than mobile devices in the world.

These applications are just a tiny example of the ones we use daily, in addition to the most used in the world. Now imagine a life without them.

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