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What to Do If You Sustain a Brain Injury in San Diego?

San Diego ranks as the eighth-largest city in the US, with 49% of its area being urban. There are malls, business complexes, restaurants, parks throughout the city. The Cabrillo National Monument in the southern tip of Point Loma Peninsula is one of the most visited landmarks in the city.

While they’re all thrilling, San Diego also has some risky places like construction sites, high-rise buildings, and industrial facilities, where people sustain severe brain injuries and other long-term damages due to accidents.

Unfortunately, as and when you sustain a brain injury, you can file for a personal injury claim and receive compensation. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer San Diego will help. In this article, learn what to do after a brain injury in San Diego.

What Causes Brain Injuries?

Any incident that delivers a hard blow to your head can lead to brain damage. The impact will most probably disrupt your cognitive functioning if not leaving you unconscious.

In the US alone, 1.7 million people suffer from a brain injury  each year. Some common scenarios for brain injuries are:

  • Contact in sports – Concussions are getting more common in sports. If you’re playing physical contact sports like football, soccer, baseball and get hit on the head, it can cause brain injuries.
  • Work accident – Slip-and-fall incidents at work can lead to brain injuries as well.
  • Car accident – Car collisions are also responsible for brain injuries.

When you sustain a brain injury, and you’re still conscious, you need to act appropriately.

Ensure Safety First

The first thing to do is ensure safety for yourself and those around you.

If it’s a car accident, move to a safe place and then inspect the other car’s passenger. If it’s a building premise, get seated on a chair or sofa and calm yourself down. Safety comes above everything. So make sure you’re safe. If you notice bleeding, seek immediate medical attention.

Take Note of the Accident Spot

When you file an injury compensation claim, the insurance carrier will look at the evidence at hand. While the carrier will carry out its investigation, you should have some proof on your side as well.

So if possible, you should take note of the spot and gather as much information as possible. Take photos and videos of yourself and the surroundings using your phone. Exchange contact details with the other car driver or property owner.

Approach a personal injury lawyer who can instruct you better on what to take note of.

Estimate Claim Worth

You need to calculate the amount you need to claim in advance. The insurance company will ideally like to pay as little amount as possible. But you should make sure you aren’t underpaid.

Consult with a doctor to gauge the level of damage and figure out the cost of treatment. Gather all the reports and estimates.

Prepare a Personal Injury Claim

Based on the medical reports, you need to prepare a demand letter and submit it to the insurance adjuster. It should explain the following:

  • How and when the accident took place.
  • Who and why he/she is responsible.
  • The extent of your injury.
  • The damages you have incurred and are expected to incur in the future

The insurance adjuster will respond to you within a few days. If they agree with your claim, then you’ll be reimbursed accordingly for your brain injury.

Brain injuries are both sensitive and complicated. Work with a personal injury lawyer in San Diego to handle your case if your damages are severe. Even if they aren’t, a one-on-one consultation will increase your chances of getting the compensation.

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