What to gift your best friend on Friendship Day?

Friends have a permanent reservation in our hearts. We share so many precious memories with them. They make us laugh, cheer us up and help us to overcome bad times. Sometimes, friends take our sides stronger than our family members. So, do you need any more reason to celebrate Friendship Day with the most precious friends of your life? The answer is – No. You cannot make them feel special without special gifts.

Personalized gifts for your friends:

Your best friend deserves to be treated with a thoughtful gift on this upcoming Friendship Day. You can easily pick up something readymade from the shelves – a chocolate hamper, an accessory like handbags or shoes, a dress etc. But these readymade traditional gifts cannot create your friendship magic within them. For that, you need a unique gift that is particularly designed to celebrate your friendship – a personalized gift. Here, you can customize a regular gift item with the recipient’s picture, his/her name and a personalized message from you.

Let’s check out the most popular Friendship Day gifts you can choose to give your friend.

Personalized photo-printed stone: 

A personalized photo-printed stone plaque could be a perfect Friendship Day gift that your best friend would love. Provide a picture of you and your friend to be personalized with a heartfelt text message. You can choose a photograph from your childhood days or simply can add a recent selfie that speaks out loud about your lovely relationship. Sublimation printing technology is used to print the picture and the text message on the stone. These stone plaques are affordable and last for long years.

Customized 3D memory frame:

 True friendship is always rare. So, if you have a childhood best friend in your life, show your concern to him/her with unique personalized gifts for friends – a personalized shadow box. You can customize the box completely as per your choice. Add your friend’s favourite hobbies, foods, drinks, favourite superhero characters, favourite movies, songs, games, sportspersons and many more to make a perfect Friendship Day gift.


Printable metal sipper bottle: If you are looking for something useful yet unique, a multi-purpose metal sipper bottle can fulfil your quest. It’s a photo-printed personalized water bottle that you can take to your everyday work station. It’s also a perfect pick for your gym session. Your kids can take it to school as well. The latest printing technology is used that keeps the picture and the personalized text message exact even after multiple uses.

Customized music printable glass clock:

 If you are looking for a unique photo frame gift that seems easier on your pocket and offers a beautiful gift at the same time – a photo-printed glass clock is the best option for you. The clock comes with a stand that allows it to be placed anywhere on your desk. Add an adorable photograph of your friend and his/her favourite song on it. The latest printing technology will make it vibrant and helps it to remain the same for years.


You can personalize a gift in many ways. Just make it memorable for your friend like we preserve a memento for the lifetime.

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