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Unwanted sexual contact, sexual groping, attempted sexual assault, unwanted penetration, or the insistence on performing a sexual act is the most common charges against those accused of sexual assault.

Sexual assaults must occur without the victim’s consent or if the victim cannot consent because of mental illness, old age, or temporary incapacity, among other factors. Specific laws and penalties for sexual assault vary by state, and you may learn more about those by the guidance of Atlanta sexual assault lawyers.

The Police’s Role In Investigating Assaults

It is the job of a defense attorney to ensure that their client’s rights are respected and the legal process is followed. If you or someone you know is facing a sex crime charge, it is important to find the best sex crime lawyer available. A qualified attorney can provide invaluable legal advice and advocacy when it comes to navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system.

To convict someone of a crime, the police must first identify the suspect and then gather evidence to support their suspicions. Sexual assault investigations can adopt an aggressive approach toward the accused due to this. Before questioning a suspect in a sexual and domestic assault case, police enforcement generally consults with the victim, eyewitnesses, and friends.

Investigators often wait until they have enough evidence to conduct an effective questioning of their subject before approaching the accused. It is common for people with allegations of rape crimes to be astonished or surprised that they are being investigated because the alleged illegal act may have taken place several days or weeks before investigators made contact with them.

As a result, many people who have been accused of committing sexual assault are surprised by how police behave themselves during investigations.

In the course of an investigation into a sexual assault, the following things are likely to happen:

  • The police secretly record the accused and the alleged victim’s discussions.
  • During questioning, police officers lie to an accused or make false statements.
  • To elicit an apology or perhaps an incriminating answer, the police send texts to the accused using the phone of the claimed victim.
  • One-sided investigations into sexual assaults have surprised people who have never been accused of such crimes before.

Investigators Pursuing A Suspect In A Sexual Assault Case Move Into Action

Any contradictions in a suspect’s remarks can be used against him later if he tries to speak the truth during an inquiry and his statements are misread and misinterpreted.

When a victim’s testimony is corroborated by seemingly insignificant information, the accused may unwittingly support it. For example, the accused may confess that they were close to the victim but claim that their contact was consensual.

Even innocuous details confirmed by a suspect in support of the victim’s version of events can be used against him by investigators. Relentless investigators create corroboration in their pursuit of minor details that add to a larger image.

Investigating a sexual assault can be a frightening experience. It is rare for the accused to know that they are being investigated till the investigation is nearing the end. Investigators usually see if they intend to make an arrest by the time they meet with the accused. 

However, the investigator will sometimes contact and question the accused to gather information in the hopes of making an arrest. The accused may believe that if he merely tells authorities what they want to hear, the investigation and possible charges would disappear. This is because the accused is concerned about their reputation and future.


It is common for sexual assault victims to feel helpless & overwhelmed during an investigation. Specifically, when and how may they get their hands on that information? Attorneys specialising in criminal defence cases are uniquely positioned to counsel their clients on the likely outcomes of their case and the actions and inactions that will place them in the best possible position to get an advantageous effect.

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