When is the Right Time to Visit an Online Casino?

It’s a common belief amongst gamblers that playing online on certain days and at certain times increases the chance of winning. This is not true. Reputable online casinos are regulated and ensure fair play for all, regardless of the time of day. The best time to visit an online casino will depend on the games you want to play and your circumstances and preferences.

All games: When generous promotions and bonuses are available

One of the best times to visit an online casino is when the platform has generous promotions and bonus offers. The best online casinos offer regular promotions and bonus offers for existing players. These will vary between different online casinos, with some offering specific, regular promotions for certain games on certain days. Others change their promotions more frequently.

No deposit bonus options are available on some platforms for new players. These are not always ongoing, though, so take advantage of them when they are available. A no deposit bonus will allow you to try out a site and the games they offer before committing and spending your money. Opting in promotional contacts, such as emails, will enable you to know when online casinos are running promotions.

Slots: Anytime

Some people believe online casinos increase the win rates on certain days and times. This is false. In truth, there isn’t “a best” time to play online slots that will increase your chance of winning. This is because slot outcomes are determined by random number generators (RNG’s). This makes play fair and gives everyone a chance at winning big.

To increase your chance of winning at the slots, you can choose games with a higher RTP (Return to Player) regardless of the time. This percentage refers to the rate of stakes a specific game returns to players, calculated as an average over many players and spins. However, this does not guarantee you will win higher on one slot versus another.

Therefore, any time that is good for you is an excellent time to visit an online casino to play slots.

Live casino & bingo: Depends on your personal preferences

The best time to visit an online casino to play live casino games or bingo will depend on your personal preferences and the experience you are looking for.

These games tend to have a live chat feature. If you are looking for a lively chat experience while playing these games, it is best to visit during busy times. These will vary depending on the platform but tend to be evenings and weekends when people are home from work.

With bingo games, you may win more often during quieter times. However, the prize pots will be smaller, with fewer people buying tickets. Prizes can increase substantially during busy times so, if you’re hoping for a big win, it’s best to play at these times.

Other good times to visit an online casino are

  • When progressive jackpots are big and have not been won in a while
  • When must be won jackpots are about to drop
  • When your funds permit it
  • When your schedule permits

The best time to visit an online casino comes down to personal preferences and tastes in games. Remember to keep it fun and only visit when your funds permit it. Reputable online casinos have a range of responsible gambling tools to help you stay in control. We wish you luck next time you visit an online casino!

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