gift of clairvoyance

Where does the gift of clairvoyance come from?

Often inherited, sometimes innate, occasionally appearing at the turn of a major life event, an upheaval, the gift of clairvoyance seems unique to each person, and all clairvoyants have a story to tell about the appearance of their gift of clairvoyance.

But what really explains the appearance of such a gift that allows one to see and feel things that have happened in the past that one has not seen, or that have not happened yet, and that one has not seen either?

The real question to ask is not “where does the gift of clairvoyance come from?”, but rather “where does the information received by clairvoyants and mediums come from?”

But before answering this question, it is appropriate to re-explain the basic principles of clairvoyance:

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What can we do with the gift of clairvoyance?

The first thing that comes to mind is the prediction of the future.

This is the main purpose of clairvoyance: to anticipate and predict. Just like weather, statistics or sociology. But clairvoyance is more esoteric, the most mysterious, because it is not based on rational data or methods… at least at first sight.

Fortune-telling does not serve only for the future; it can also allow you to look back at past events in order to shed light on the present from a new angle. By looking back at an individual’s past lives, it helps to better understand who they are now, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and especially what they need to learn during this incarnation.

Past, future… clairvoyance can naturally also see the present. It has the advantage of being able to free itself from temporal and spatial walls. We are close from a sort of telepathy, where the clairvoyant does not perceive the exact thoughts of an individual but his feelings, his inner state, his intentions. This makes it possible to give precious advice and to help in particular within the framework of the emotional or professional relations (signature of contract, job interview, exam…)

We can see that, in practice, clairvoyance allows us to see things, to feel them, without the distance of time or space being a problem. It is like a fragment of divine omniscience. For who else but God can see and know everything?

Which brings us to the next point:

The true source of the gift of clairvoyance

From quantum physics to spirituality, through biology, we systematically come to the same conclusion: everything is energy.

And the most important philosophical, spiritual and religious currents in the world affirm that: the most powerful energy is love.

The gift of clairvoyance would thus find its origin in a positive energy, a vibration of love and empathy towards one’s fellow man, which allows the clairvoyant to connect with him to capture his vibrations and to know where he comes from and where he is going.

This can be done at a distance, by observing a photograph or by the vibration of the voice within the framework of a voyance par telephone. Magnetism, allowing to heal, does not work differently.

Clairvoyance is therefore an energy of love, to help us grow and overcome our fears, our blockages, in order to progress in this life and beyond.

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