Which Sunglasses Fits Best For You? Models Comparisons and Details

Which sunglasses are right for you depends on what you expect from the sunglasses. Several models available in the market with different types and designs complicate the search for the right sunglasses. In the next few paragraphs you will find a differentiation as to which sunglasses are suitable for whom.

Fashionable sunglasses for bathers and sun worshipers

There are various sunglasses for men, women and children that serve as useful sun protection in everyday life as well as on vacation. The variety of Chanel glasses are the best example. With the good UV protection for the eyes, you won’t feel dazzled when the sun shines from the sky. A look at the UV protection category shows you whether your favorite design is suitable for home or for the beach. Of course, you also want to know whether the glasses suit you: in front of the mirror, check how the sunglasses fit your face shape. This test is also fun for children.

Then put your test winner on your face and enjoy the sunny day. You no longer need to squint your eyes and can see everything well. When entering a building, slide your sunglasses over your forehead or take them off completely. The glasses are safely stored in the glasses case in case you don’t need them for a longer period of time.

Prescription sunglasses for users with mild or severe ametropia

The combination of UV protection and prescription makes a lot of things easier for you, whether you are farsighted or nearsighted. If you are farsighted, prescription sunglass lenses will replace your reading glasses. So you don’t have to move to the shadows with your favorite reading material. In the case of nearsightedness, sunglasses with prescription lenses can be used, for example, as car glasses or simply as everyday glasses.

The test winners of the sunglasses with power even offer an adjustable darkening. Here you can completely do without normal glasses. When the brightness is low, the glasses are almost transparent. The tint only changes in sunlight so that you do not feel dazzled. Here you don’t have to take off or change your glasses when going from inside to outside or vice versa.

The polarized sports glasses with UV protection for skiers and cyclists

At the sea or in the snow, the light reflections are extremely strong. Here you need improved UV protection. With the polarized sports sunglasses, you feel safe. Some glasses are mirrored; others have a strong tint or color. The sports glasses with a particularly high level of UV protection look correspondingly dynamic. Depending on the nature of the lenses, the tint can adapt to the amount of sunlight. So you can see well even when the sky is covered with clouds.

Due to the laterally widened design, the best sports sunglasses offer a particularly large field of vision. Another typical feature is the fixation. Many sports glasses do not have temples, but a headband. With this safety device, the glasses stay in place even when you are jogging or cycling.

Which sunglasses are best according to tests?

All models do not provide any current test results for sunglasses tests, but it provides good information for the choice of sunglasses. Among other things, it deals with the dangers of inadequate UV protection. Most of the sunglasses that you can buy in the US, meet the applicable requirements. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection was able to determine this in several random samples. However, there are occasionally high-priced sunglasses for which the UV protection is insufficient.

Sunglasses sold in some states of the USA and some territories in Europe bear the CE mark to ensure that they meet the EU standard. With this, the manufacturers indicate that they are adhering to the current safety standards in the USA. However, there is no independent test in sunglasses tests, so it is just a promise made by the manufacturer. In addition, the information only relates to protection against certain UV rays with a maximum wavelength of 380 nanometers.

You can find further information on the quality features at Pretavoir and in other specialist magazines. The degree of tint is not necessarily a sign of particularly good UV protection, so you should be careful when making your selection. Category 3 is usually sufficient to protect the eyes from the sun. However, depending on the situation and the sensitivity of the eyes, category 4 may be the better choice.

In Chip’s sunglasses test, relatively cheap, polarized sunglasses that have 100 percent UV protection were tested. The testers paid particular attention to good protection and proper wearing comfort. Brand names and persistence played a lesser role. This showed how important it is to have a well thought-out design that can be adapted to different face shapes. The best sunglasses from Chip impress with their light and solid construction and excellent protection.

What do sunglasses cost?

Sunglasses are available at low prices starting at around $10 and as a luxury version for 3 and 4-digit amounts. When making your selection, you should pay particular attention to the quality labels so that you get the necessary UV protection. Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Wayfarer are popular brands. This rough categorization helps you to find the right sunglasses for your budget.

Inexpensive sunglasses: $10 to $50

Inexpensive sunglasses for children and adults are available for between $10 and $20. The particularly affordable models have certain restrictions on eye protection, as the tests show. There is a large selection of frame designs available to you. In the price range from $20 to $50, there are sunglasses in category 2 and 3, which convince as reliable and chic accessories. Some of the glasses are mirrored, which is particularly popular with young people.

Medium quality sunglasses for $50 to $150

In the price category from $50 to $100 you will discover sophisticated designs for women and men as well as functional sports glasses for cyclists. The UV protection class cannot always be read from the color shade. In the middle price range of classic sunglasses, you will find the timeless aviator as well as women’s glasses with curved frames. You can also get the popular Polaroid collections at a reasonable price.

Sunglasses with sophisticated technology and good comfort accompany you on many paths. This is especially true for the tinted prescription glasses, which you can buy from around $90. In the price range up to $150, there is already quite a large selection available for you.

Premium brand sunglasses from $150 to $500 and more

You can get high-class sports sunglasses in the middle price category, but with special extras, these sports glasses are often over the $100 mark. Depending on the design, you pay $300 or more for sunglasses from Versace or Gucci. The quality of the glasses is not neglected in the luxury models for 500 or even over $1,000. However, the focus is on the elegant design.

What is the bottom line for sunglasses?

With the most important information from the current tests, you are properly prepared for your individual purchase decision. Here you get a first overview of the best sunglasses and another short summary.

  • For short-term sun protection, inexpensive sunglasses from $10 are sufficient
  • You can get better UV protection and beautiful designs for around $20 to $50
  • Sports-ready sunglasses with functional lenses cost between $50 and $100
  • If you are looking for prescription sunglasses, you will find them in the medium price range up to $100
  • Exclusive premium manufacturers present high-class sunglasses from $100 and up. For designer glasses you sometimes pay over $500
  • For optimal UV protection quality are sunglasses with mirrored glass quality equipped
  • Polarized glasses block even more light reflections compared to classic UV filter protection
  • Regardless of your other preferences, the sunglasses should fit comfortably and match your head shape

Choose the best sunglasses for your next beach or sports vacation. So you can look forward to every single ray of sunshine.

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