Why a B2B Ecommerce Platform Is a Solution You Cannot Ignore

There is a lot of excitement around ecommerce platforms today. According to 2019 data from some researchers, B2B makes up over 60% of all ecommerce in the world. Additionally, most of these businesses are operated online through ecommerce platforms. These platforms are designed by developers using a variety of frameworks such as ASP.NET among others.

Regardless, a B2B ecommerce platform should come with amazing features to help a business launch, operate, and grow successfully. If this is the information you are seeking, this article will enumerate the features to look for.

Product Page and Multivendor Solution

The greatest thing for online entrepreneurs is to launch their business in an efficient and productive environment. Luckily, a reputable B2B ecommerce platform allows vendors to prepare their products and launch them on a thriving marketplace through a user-friendly products page.

Many have a multivendor capability, which allows the seller to keep the rights to manage their product pages. Some sync their websites with a marketplace and still keep the rights to edit their products as they want.

Effective and Secure Payment with a B2B Ecommerce Platform

All B2B ecommerce platforms provide a payment portal set up with the help of a financial institution. What matters to sellers and buyers is the effectiveness of the portal and the security of operations. 

Before launching a business on a particular platform, it is important to look at the reviews of the platform to ensure there is enough reliability of the payment portal. If there are too many fraud complaints, you should reconsider.

Headless Ecommerce Using a B2B Ecommerce Platform

Have you tried or checked the services offered by the Virto Commerce ecommerce website? You should check and pay attention to the headless ecommerce solution. Likewise, other similar ASP.NET platforms offer a headless solution to the vendors.

This solution is very simple and beneficial to the sellers. The platform separates services into simple front-end tasks delegated to the vendor, while it retains the harder back-end operations, which the platform runs.

Inventory Management Solutions

A B2B is a big business that sells wholesale products. This is why it requires a solution with effective inventory management and reporting capability. If a B2B ecommerce platform does not have this solution, it should have an integrated one to use at all times. 

Luckily, reputable ones offer amazing and effective inventory management solutions that track goods sold and the inventory balance and make necessary reports. Detailed inventory engines ensure that vendors have more reports to help in decision-making.

Marketing Tools 

A vendor can market its products if they have the right tools. Most reliable B2B ecommerce platform options provide SEO tools, multichannel selling platforms, and selling links that vendors can use to market their products. 

But more detailed tools are available as integrated apps or extensions that you buy separately. To market and promote your products, you should take advantage of as many as possible.


If you want a B2B ecommerce platform with top features that will benefit you, take enough time to choose one. The above insights will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. You can also discover more on the web. 

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