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Why a Sleep Mask Might Be the Key to Great Rest?

Sleep is essential for great physical and mental health. One of the major causes of sleep deprivation is the lack of an adequate sleep environment. For light sleepers, light can be a major issue. Most of the sleep-disrupting light emits from mobile phones or laptops, ambient light from bulbs, or light from streetlights that enters through your windows. They can lead to poor quality sleep as they reduce the production of a sleep hormone called melatonin and messes up your body’s circadian rhythm. Therefore, using a sleep eye mask can be an ideal solution as it helps to block out any sort of light to help your body enter the “sleep mode” easily.

How Does a Sleep Eye Mask Help?

A sleep eye mask acts as a shield against natural or artificial light. It helps you sleep better by preventing light from entering your eyes, so your body knows it’s time for you to sleep and start releasing melatonin in your body.

Therefore, instead of struggling with uncountable tosses and turns during nighttime, a sleep mask can make it easier for you to fall asleep faster with an increased amount of REM sleep. This can also help with the quantity and quality of your sleep.

As you get a recommended seven to eight hours of sleep, you will be more productive in your house chores or workplace. This will lead to feelings of satisfaction and happiness. This way, you won’t feel stressed or anxious too often.

Getting enough sleep will also help your immune system perform its best at all times, hence protecting you from infections or other diseases for a healthy lifestyle.

Which Sleep Eye Mask Is Best For You?

Although a sleep eye mask can aid in great rest, the opposite is also possible if you don’t have the right one. What works best for others may not work best for you, therefore, finding the right one means the one that fulfills all your preferences.

Your main preference should be investing in a sleep mask that 100% blocks out light. Below is a list of other factors that you need to consider when choosing an eye mask.

Material. If you’re low on budget, cotton will be your best bet, as it is super soft to the touch and breathable to keep your eyes comfy. Whereas, silk is an amazing option too, but on the pricey side. Silk is very soft and keeps your eyes free from marks and wrinkles.   

Size. The size of the sleep mask should fit your face shape properly, and it shouldn’t be too loose or tight, as it can cause you major discomfort. Usually, sleep masks come with adjustable straps to allow you to wear them comfortably.

Shape. A contoured sleep mask is equipped with cups that rest over your eyes, and they can be ideal for eye pain relief as well. If you’re not a fan of this, you can also get basic flat masks.

Hope with this information you will be able to choose the best-fitting sleep eye mask that will help you have great rest!

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