Why are Shoe Companies like Nike Important to the Skateboarding Industry?

Footwear relieves our feet from the stress of sturdy surfaces. Yes, good footwear like Nike sb shoes isn’t just great for fashion, but also for protection. For example, shoes are built to absorb impact as we walk or run. In other instances, shoes prevent injuries from active sports or just a day’s hiking. So, it’s not surprising why skateboarders wear the appropriate gear, including skateboarding shoes when they ride.

When Nike took the initiative in 2002 to swing a chance on the skateboarding market, many weren’t pleased, especially from the skateboarding community. However, since then, the Nike sb shoes as we know them today has never been short of remarkable. That is mainly because of its function and importance for skaters worldwide.

The Significance of Skate Shoes or Skateboarder Shoes 

Skate shoes are drafted to make you a better skater and help you avoid any foot injuries and bruises. The good thing about skateboarding shoes, apart from any other shoes, is that they have smooth, grippy, and typically extra-large soles to ease your grip on board. Meanwhile, extra padding on the sides and tongue of those meddlesome moon-boot style skate shoes helps shield your foot when performing technical tricks. Many skate shoes today have reinforced side panels to help with ollies. They also have additional padding around the heel collar that helps with foot retention. Yes, doing complicated tricks on skateboards just got easier because of the magnet-like connection between your feet and the board.

How to Choose your Kind of Shoe?

Top-selling companies like Converse, Adidas, Nike, and DC Shoes are just a few of the options on the skateboarding market. There are a lot of deals and features out there waving at you. But, how can you choose the right one for you? What makes a good skateboarding shoe?

Good skateboarding shoes, like Nike sb shoes, can take an impact, are sturdy but still allow you to hold your skateboard. Consider the shape of its nose. It should be a little longer than a typical sneaker, thus, preventing friction from ripping the laces apart. Broken laces are inconvenient, but they won’t be an issue if you choose the right shoes. Consider how you skate and where the wear and tear occur, and proceed from there.

For example, when choosing between vulcanized soles or capsules. Well, vulcanized soles provide a better board feel, and it is easy to break-in. Also, the insole makes the difference, not to mention that it’s slightly lighter and cheaper. On the other hand, capsules offer more support and protection. So, it is more durable but offers less board feel and quite expensive compared to vulcanized soles skateboarder shoes.

Of course, there are many things to consider when choosing the right skate shoes for you. You have to include the budget, feet size, toe caps, heel support, shoe materials, recommendations, color preference, etc., all just for comfort, style, and durability.


Yes, we can all agree that skateboarder shoes contribute to the skateboarding community and the skateboarding industry, in general, heavily. We can’t highlight well enough the relevance of having good footwear, when in fact, skateboarding relies heavily on feet. The skateboarding industry wouldn’t be as safe and popular today without the help of footwear companies like Nike.

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