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Why Are Slots Called Pokies in Australia?

The name of a slot machine usually refers to these simple but popular games played in various locations around the world such as online poker. Some say the term comes from the word “poker” itself, which is derived from “in poker machine.” One theory states that “in poker elsewhere in the world,” where it takes on a different meaning. Others believe this is because of words like poke and pokey, which make for an easy pronunciation. Still others argue that it comes with its inherent phonetic similarity to poker machines (a game of chance played with cards or coins or tokens).

This has led some people to wonder what exactly is going on in Australia when they call slots “pokies. ” In fact, it is a word derived from the earlier “poker.”

In Australian slang, the term refers to the spinning reels of a slot machine. A player who enjoys gambling on a slot machine can refer to himself as a pokie-player. This is because these machines were initially called “Poker machines” in Australia. For example, New South Wales Parliament passed an Act to amend the Gaming Machines Act 1990 on 14 December 1997. The amendment was entitled “An act to provide for poker machines that include features commonly known as bonus or extra features and for related purposes.”

The term “pokies” came into use in Australia.

The term “pokies” came into use in Australia in 1970s when poker machines became popular there. The term was then applied to the machines as a whole. Since they were based on a different game, they naturally became known as “Pokie machines” in the Australian slang. This has been used by players and marketers alike whenever referring to a gambling slot machine, or pokie for short.

Daniel Smith, a paralegal from Melbourne said: “There is no difference between poker and poker machines not in terms of how it operates but the terminology used is all wrong…You don’t call them poker machines because they are not poker machines.”

The people who play slot games online are also said to call them pokies after the term for all types of slots. Most of the time, the games are referred to as “slots.” In fact, many Australians call them Pokies Slots online. But others will still use the term “poker.” A final aspect that makes “pokies” an Australian slang word is that it is also used in some parts of the world, including the United Kingdom.

It is not certain when the term “pokie” came into being. Many suggest that this was used in Australia for slot machines before 1970s while some believe it started late 1940s or early 1950s. To be honest, some believe it derives from the term “pokie caboodle,” which is spelled the same way with a difference in accent. But this theory has not been verified by any conclusive evidence.

Resulting from the allusions above, an Australian slang word “pokies” was used to refer to slot machines by many players. This is not to say that there are no other names for this game in Australia. Players call them also slots, pokies or just pokie. Another one that they used is “games.” There are even some who are simply called “slot machine players.”

Generally, here are some of the most popular theories on how the name pokies came to be:

  1. It was derived from the name ‘Poker‘ – This is probably the most common theory. Pokies Point, Pokie Points and Pokie Point appear to be a related term back in the 80’s. Some think that the term ‘Pokers’ evolved into ‘Pokies’ because of a misspelling or mispronunciation. But this theory has not been proven to be true. It is simply a misconception among players and marketers alike.
  2. It was derived from the word ‘Porkie‘. – Porkie is a slang term for a shoemaker or cobbler in Australia and some parts of England and America. Some suggest that it comes from the phrase “to put a pork pie on”, meaning to repair something with new materials. This theory has not been proven true. When Australian players were asked why they prefer that name instead of another one, they simply answered, “Pokie sounds better than poker.”
  1. It is derived from the word ‘Pokey‘. – This is another common theory among players. Poke is a slang for something that causes pain or discomfort. It also refers to snares used by hunters. Pokie is most likely derived from this word with the addition of Poker, which was used in its literal meaning (a sharp point). But no definitive evidence suggests that this is indeed how it came about.
  2. It was related to the Poker-related term ‘Poker‘ – This one goes along with the previous one, but this time around, ones that are closer to Poker Room Royale appear first on gambling forums where players post their experience on different online casinos on the web.
  3. It comes from the word ‘Poke’ – This theory has been used in some parts of both Australia and New Zealand. The term Poke refers to something that is very sharp or pointed. In addition, the term Poker also means a sharp, pointed object. Pokie is a slang term for a slot machine based on this very simple explanation. In fact, some people believe that Pokie is a modified version of the word Pokey, which originally referred to a cruel or sadistic prison guard in Arizona sometime in the late 19th century.
  4. It was derived from the word ‘Pooly’ – This theory traces back to Western Australia where People Poker was popular in the 90’s before it slowly died out among players later on. The term Pooly refers to a small pool table where two or more people play gambling games like pokie cards, rummy and poker against each other. This theory has never been proven true definitively.
  5. It is derived from the word ‘Punchy’ – This theory is actually an urban legend among many Australians. This one says that the term came about because of the identical pronunciation of the word punchy. However, this theory has never been proven true. Nevertheless, it still remains popular among players in Australia to refer to slot machines based on this theory.

In conclusion, it is almost certain that the term ‘pokie’ came to be in Australia following the word “poker,” since the two words became used concurrently in gambling games. Some believe that it originated from a misspelt version of “Poker Room Royale” while some say it was derived from Pokie Points.

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