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Why CFB Is The Best Place For Producing High-Quality Garments

Create Fashion Brand (CFB) is a group of eco-friendly manufacturers for premium clothes in Portugal,which is known as the hub of textile companies. CFB started the journey of making high-quality clothes in 1989. They began to manufacture clothes from eco-friendly fabrics in Portugal. Create Fashion Brand starts its journey of success with the vision to manufacture clothes from eco-responsible clothes. That was the time when there was not enough awareness of sustainability.

They have a team of dedicated fashion designers, pattern makers, cutters, quality controllers, and textile engineers as well as their highly-qualified seamstresses. The company has 110 highly skilled employees that are continuously being trained, as fashion trends are constantly changing, and the demands of clients are ever-increasing. Create Fashion Brand is committed to manufacturing clothes practicing sustainable and eco-friendly methods from start to finish.

Create Fashion Brand has researched for more than a decade to find and develop sustainable production methods. As a result of this keen research, the company becomes successful in achieving its goals of environmentally friendly and sustainable garment manufacturing.

From Where They Source Cotton?

CFB sources raw Cotton from a non-profit organization, BCI, which helps farmers grow environmentally and economically friendlier Cotton by applying sustainable farming methods. BCI cotton is mixed with different kinds of cotton using a mass-balance system.

How Do They Manufacture :

The company is well known as an eco-friendly manufacturer of premium clothes. The resources they use are eco-friendly which promotes sustainability. Solar panels are being used to heat boilers and have controlled tabs to reduce water loss. The company promotes organic materials by recycling everything from paper, plastic, batteries, fabrics, etc which can be used in their company for producing.

There are an estimated 25 billion pounds of textile waste per year, and CFB is doing good to exceptionally minimize the textile waste. Textile industry can save and reduce water and energy consumption to a great extent as raw cotton needs more amount of water to grow.

What Products They Offer:

T-shirts, Polo shirts, Henley shirts, Hoodies, Denim Jacket, Shorts, Long Sleeves, Crew Necks, Pants/Jeans, Chinos, Bomber Jackets, Shirts, Vests, Dresses.

They offer a wide range of services to help startups and global brands. Create Fashion Brand provides Digital printing and screen printing, Vinyl and Flock, all types of embroidery (regular, Tanaka, Chain Stich, English Point effect, Fuwari….), and all types of fusion processes.

Outstanding Fabric Selection:

Keeping in mind the product design, CFB prefers the best-fit Fabric for every piece of product. Not a single Fabric goes well with every pattern. So, the selection is wisely made to ensure both quality and aesthetics. Every Fabric they use to manufacture their products is sustainable and eco-friendly. Sustainability is a foremost factor when a client looks for a product that can be used for a long time. The main fabrics they use to manufacture eco-friendly products are jersey, jacquard, pique, interlock, rib, satin, canvas, double face jersey, bonded fabrics, woven, and many more.

Fibers Used In Making Of Fabrics:

Fibers are the base of fabrics. It is not possible to make good out of the poor. In the process of manufacturing quality fabrics, it is crucial to use fibers of the best quality. Create Fashion Brand (CBF) uses fibers of the best quality in the manufacture of Fabrics used in the makeup of eco-friendly products. Below is the list of fibers they most commonly use:

  • Cotton (Organic and recycled)
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Polyamide (recycled)
  • Polyester (recycled)
  • Modal
  • Lyocell
  • Viscose
  • Tencel
  • Cupro
  • Acetate
  • Elastane (recovered)
  • Rayon

So for startups and global businesses, It is the best place for sustainable clothing and taking their part in reducing the global environmental population. Otherwise, the world has to pay more for the destruction that the world is doing.

Certified Garments:

Create Fashion Brand offers certified garment products. Their jackets, shirts, bottoms, and other products are certified by globally well-known organizations. Their products have sustainable and quality certifications from ISO, OCS, OEKO-TEX, etc.

Why CFB Is Best Place For Producing High-Quality Garments:

 Many manufacturers are doing a great job by providing quality and trendy clothes. But CFB is different from those as they have a clear vision of spreading quality, sustainability, eco-friendly, and ethical fashion. They are taking their part in reducing environmental pollution and breaking human rights. They take every possible measure to ensure sustainability. CFB is doing hard for decades and is globally known as the eco-friendly manufacturer of premium clothes.

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