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Why Having an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer is Crucial to Getting Your Life Back

If you or someone you know have been charged with a crime, it can be an experience that can affect your life and the lives of those you love or are close to. Most of us have never experienced or are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and the way the court system works on a daily basis. If you are charged with a criminal offense, the consequences can be overwhelming because the criminal charge can affect your life, job, reputation and other family members. Your criminal case needs to be properly handled because it’s one of the main factors in taking back control of your life.

It is crucial that your criminal case be handled by an experienced criminal defense lawyer from the start

The district attorney’s office may be seeking large fines, jail time, or even future restrictions on what you may perform as the case continues through the court system. Certain violent crimes, like assaults and robberies, can stay on your criminal record for a long time and affect your everyday life. Even if probation is offered by the district attorney’s office, you could find yourself in bigger trouble back down at the courthouse facing steeper penalties and punishment than you may have faced at the beginning of your case file, if your criminal case isn’t handled by a professional criminal lawyer. A good criminal defense counsel or Strafrecht Anwalt can protect you from events that you may never even think of, especially if you have been charged with the same offense in the past.

“Innocent until Proven Guilty” can be misleading in front of a jury panel unless you have the right criminal defense counsel on your side.

“Innocent until proven guilty” can be misleading in front of a jury panel because sometimes they jury thinks that you are guilty simply by being charged by the district attorney’s office and the police department. People have often heard the legal terminology of “Innocent until proven guilty” but the real question up for debate is if they understand the actual statement? Juries often assume that the police department acted in “good faith” and that they didn’t violate your constitutional rights, the police report is accurate and not tainted and the evidence that was obtained in your case file was properly obtained and is actually authentic, so therefore you must be guilty as charged. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer from Miami to walk them through the case step by step and show them that there could be multiple mistakes that were made, such as mistaken identity or that your rights were legally violated by the police officers since each case is different.

Certain criminal charges, such as assaults or DUI’s, may lead to stiffer penalties by the district attorney’s office if you have been charged previously in the past and it is crucial that you are represented by a good attorney. These and other criminal offenses can affect your ability to live in a certain area, visit certain places or businesses or even own a firearm for protection.

This entire criminal process can be haunting and often can bring on frustration or uncertainty if you are not represented by an excellent criminal defense lawyer who has your best interests at heart and that will communicate with you and actually return your phone calls. Having an excellent criminal defense counsel that will be honest with you about your case and explain the legal process would be great asset to have on your side if you are charged with a criminal offense.

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