Why It Is Time To Ditch The 3.5MM Wired Headphone Jack Forever

Remember the first time wireless earphones made their way to the market?

Almost every major tech reviewer lambasted the technology and said that it will not survive or be preferred by customers. This was some five to ten years back when Bluetooth connectivity was still not worked upon and researched.

Cut to 2021, and those very tech reviewers are walking on the streets, doing interviews, and creating vlogs wearing…

Yes, you guessed it right, wireless earbuds or headphones! Technology has a very funny way of coming back with an ‘I Told You So’ kind of a vibe. Embracing the new is what technology is all about.

As with any other improvement in the world of gadgets and tech, wireless earbuds and headphones are an advancement. In this article, we are going to look at five major reasons why you should ditch your wired headphones.

List of 5 Major Reasons why you should shift to Wireless Earbuds and Headphones

  1. It is more convenient-

The first and probably the most important reason why you should shift is convenience. Back in the day when wired headphones launched, using them as convenient. Plug your 3.5mm jack and play. However, wireless earbuds are far more convenient. The hassles of clearing wires that magically intertwine along with smaller storage areas required are convenient.

One Futureworld is the reseller of wireless earbuds and headphones from leading brands like Bose.

2. You can use them everywhere- 

Ever used your wired headphones in a gym and found the exercise to be nearly impossible? Yes, that was a real problem. However, with wireless earbuds, the same problem does not exist. You can use them when you are working out in the gym or walking in a mall, or even walking jogging along with your dog. They are efficient and convenient enough to carry anywhere.

3. Have a better and longer lifespan- 

The first major issue about wired headphones was the wires getting damaged. Remember how we would be using black industrial tape to keep them in position? With wireless earbuds and headphones, you do not have to worry about the same. This is why they have much better lifespans as compared to wired ones. Removing wires has made components stronger.

4. Better audio quality and output- 

Take a test and see for yourself how audio quality is better in wireless earbuds and headphones. The best earbuds, like the ones Bose manufactures come with noise-canceling technology. There is no doubt that Bluetooth technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Wireless earbuds and headphones’ audio quality are benefitting from this in a massive way.

5. Improved battery life

If there was one criticism that held up against wireless earbuds and headphones, it had got to do with battery life. However, thankfully, almost all brands and manufacturers have resolved the issue. You now get great battery life that can easily last you three to four days on a full charge. C-Type cables for charging make it convenient to charge the devices as well.

All Tech Brands are moving away from the 3.5mm Jack

There is a reason why brands like Apple, Samsung, and others are positioned at the forefront of technology. They make decisions and innovate in such a way that it creates a lasting impact on human society.

Apple decided to remove the headphone jack and launched Air Pods- wireless earbuds from Apple. Every major phone manufacturer and headphone manufacturer decided to follow in Apple’s footsteps.

Most of the high-end phones are now not being released with the classic 3.5mm jack anymore. Using wireless technology is the next step that these brands want us to take. Almost all major component makers are also slowly shifting production and investing in wireless technology.

The Bottom Line

If you are someone that values your freedom and independence then, wireless headphones are for you. Again, if you are someone like me that likes to carry their music without any hassles, wireless earbuds are perfect. Can you add to the list of reasons to explain to people why it is a good idea to shift from wired to wireless technology? Drop your reasons in the comments section below.

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