Why Localization is the Key to Global Marketing

Technology advancement has made the world more globalized. No matter where you are manufacturing your products and services, you can sell them across the border in seconds. But how. With the help of professional localization services.

Do you know that 50% of digital shoppers like to purchase products from global companies that are operating in a different country? Keeping this thing in view, many companies are moving to e-commerce.

All this is happening because of the constant development of technology. Far off markets that once were considered impossible have become accessible. Therefore, businesses of every kind can take leverage from the facility and can boost their sales.

Global marketing is very essential for a thriving business in the highly competitive world, and localization is the key to global marketing.

What is Global Marketing?

Market dynamics and consumer behavior of each country are different. It is a great challenge to cater to people of different preferences and tastes. Here comes the need for global marketing. You must be wondering what global marketing is.

Global marketing is a strategy that is developed to attract customers with different buying behavior. Moreover, it helps you to tap into foreign countries without any hassle and achieve global growth. Some of the global marketing factors that are important to consider are

The Product Portfolio: It requires the development of products and services that resonate with the target market.

Content: The content on the website should be according to the preferences and social and economic trends of the market.

Use of Different Channels: How to convey your message using different channels like social media and other digital channels to promote the products and services.

The Business Model: A business model that you need to adapt is according to the legal regulation of the country. For instance, tax structure.

Many brands go for names that match their cultural preferences. For instance, US-based Lay’s potato chips are sold across the globe as Smiths, Margarita, Sabritas, and Walkers. It is also important to note that Lay’s flavors also vary from region to region according to the regional tastes of the people.

Why is Localization Important for Marketing?

Localization is a step ahead of translation. For example, if you want to tap into Latin America, then you must develop a marketing campaign for that target market. In this way, you will be able to grab a market share from that global market and grow your business.

The first step you can do is to translate your website and catalog. For this, you must hire a professional localization expert. They assist you in updating and publishing a site that enhances the overall sales.

Localization is a type of translation that is not done word to word. Perhaps it translates your text into multiple languages while resonating the brand for another market.

According to the survey by Shopify, 75% of international consumers want to shop in their mother tongue. Moreover, 90% of these shoppers want to see prices in their local currency.

Apart from translating and localizing your website into different languages, a catalog of the products should also depict the local currency. Additionally, your social media accounts and marketing ads that are running on the regional level should also be localized.

For this, don’t go for Google Translator. With state-of-art localization, the identity and culture of your products and brands are maintained by native translators. They know the difference between idioms and phrases and provide localization services while keeping regional and cultural intricacies in view.

They also know about different taboos that you must avoid to save the reputation of your business.

Localization Assists in Global Marketing

When you localize global marketing content, then you can engage customers with the help of their native language. Moreover, you can build the overall trust and satisfaction of the people with your brand.

Customer satisfaction is associated with word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations that can spread like fire because of digitalization. This also raises the importance of marketing content that is required for your business.

You will be surprised to know that 80% of consumers read the customer’s reviews and recommendations before making a rational business purchase.

The marketing campaign aims at enhancing the social media reach and increasing the following on marketing campaigns. For impeccable localization services, you must focus on globalization but on the other hand, you need to be local.

You can increase the following in each market with the help of regional social media accounts and content marketing efforts.

Localization enables you to enhance the digital marketing funnel. Understanding the customer behavior helps you in finding the niche and demographics in which you want to tap in.

Moreover, through localized marketing, you can communicate and take feedback from customers. It further enables you to provide products and services to the people according to their needs and wants. You can also hire a skilled cultural interpreter.

They fine-tune your products so that they resonate with the market. It results in greater local success.

You can also localize online content and websites to increase the SEO rankings in a particular market. Professional localization experts will guide you about keywords and phrases that will help your company to appear in a search that potential customers are looking for in that region.

Localization can make your brand globally recognized. If you see that your sales are increasing on the international level, then you should invest in that market from which you are getting maximum sales. You can make your brand globally recognized if you go for professional localization services in global marketing.

Wrapping Up

If you invest in the localization of marketing campaigns, then you will see tremendous business growth. Altering from simple translation to location will change the image of your business. Increased awareness, increased customer satisfaction, and increased sales are the outcomes of localization in global marketing. Thus, investing in this task is a worthwhile. Are you ready to invest in localization for global marketing?

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