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Why People Should give Crazy Time Casino a Try

Crazy Time Casino is a great online game that’s easy to learn and with a low barrier to entry. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something new.

For those interested in the world of online gaming, Crazy Time Casino is one of the latest games to grab players’ attention. While there are thousands of games out there, Crazy Time provides something new and exciting that both old and new players alike will be sure to love.

The game revolves around a wheel, similar to the Wheel of Fortune you might have seen on TV. However, this wheel provides pay-outs if players can correctly guess what result is going to come up, adding a layer of excitement.

If that was the only part of Crazy Time Casino it would still be a good game, but what elevates it above the rest is its selection of bonus games. From a simple coin flip to a whole other wheel – with a huge selection of multipliers that can raise your stake enormously – there are a range of different possible outcomes the game can throw up.

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How Crazy Time Casino works

If you’ve ever seen or played a wheel of fortune game before, you will be familiar with the basics of Crazy Time Casino. A live host spins a physical wheel with various different sections, and when the wheel stops spinning the section at the top determines what happens.

The Crazy Time wheel is mainly split into numbered sections: one, two, five and ten. Of these, one is the most common and ten is the least common.

Then there are the four bonus games: more on those later. To play, all you need to do is place a stake (the minimum bid is just £0.10) on one or more of the eight options: the four numbers or the four bonus games.

If one of the options on which you bid is the one the wheel stops on, you win! The amount you win depends on what you bid on.

The numbers are fairly simple, returning your stake multiplied by the number. So if you bid £1, one would return £1, two would return £2, five would win £5 and ten would net you £10.

You will also have your stake returned if you win. So far, so simple, but what about the bonus games?

Crazy Time’s bonus games

There are four bonus games included in Crazy Time Casino: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time. They are very rare, with only one section of the wheel dedicated to Crazy Time, but the payouts can be huge.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is the simplest of the games. If you bet on this space and it comes up, the presenter will move over to the “Flip-O-Matic” machine where there is a simple coin with one red and one blue side.

Players bid on red or blue, and the machine will randomly determine a modifier for each side. For example, red might be 5x and blue might be 25x.

Then the coin is flipped, and whichever side comes up pays out based on the modifier. In the example above, if you’d bet £1 on blue you would have won £25.

Cash Hunt

This game is a bit like a shooting gallery. A range of multipliers are revealed, then hidden behind symbols and shuffled up.

Each player who bids on Cash Hunt then gets an opportunity to target one of the symbols, aiming for the highest multiplier if they can work out where it is. When all players have targeted a symbol, the multipliers are revealed and paid out.


Pachinko is as it sounds: the presenter takes a puck and places it into the top of a pachinko game, where it will bounce off the pegs until it lands in one of several spaces. The spaces are all multipliers, so the puck will reveal what prizes get paid out.

The one wrinkle is that there is a “double” space the puck can land in. If this is the result, the multipliers are doubled, and the presenter plays again.

This can keep going, doubling up to a maximum multiplier of 10,000x. However, this is extremely rare!

Crazy Time

The rarest game, Crazy Time is another version of the wheel from the main game. The difference is that this one has three spaces that will be selected – green, blue and yellow – and all the sections are different multipliers.

Players choose whether they want the green, blue or yellow result, and the wheel is spun. Similarly to Pachinko, there are some sections marked “double” or “triple” that increase all the multipliers and cause the wheel to be spun again, meaning this can lead to some huge prizes.

Should you give Crazy Time Casino a try?

Hopefully this article has shown why Crazy Time Casino is so much fun. With all the different possible results, it’s always exciting and has enough variety to keep you entertained for ages.

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