Why there is an abrupt surge in demand for coworking spaces

Change is everywhere. It is constant. This is dynamism. With this, the demand for confirmatory options increases and the demand for contradictory options slowly ceases to exist. With better alternatives, the public generally migrates from traditional to newer ones as they believe it makes their work easier. We have seen lately that there has been a massive growth in the coworking sector. 

The coworking sector has been attracting millennials like a magnet. A peppy workplace culture coupled with the autonomy and freedom has made plug and play offices a ‘trend’. Initially only for freelancers, it is now considered a leading option for organisations of all sizes and shapes. Be it a multinational corporation,  a medium or small sized enterprise, a shared office space is an ideal alternative for one and all. The main reasons as to why it is the most appealing mode of working are as follows:- 

  1. Economical and cost effective:- Private spaces eat up your budget like a termite, especially when you have to meet the overhead costs single handedly. Coworking is an inexpensive option, you can keep going even in hard times and still expect your revenues to rise. This makes coworking space the best incubator for startups. 
  2. Legally simple and crisp:- The complicated jargon involved in long term leases are too complex to tackle. Coworking space in Bangalore  are direct in their approach which means it involves almost no legal formalities and is therefore simple and clear, be it to enroll, upscale or downscale and even end a contract. 
  3. Hospitality and concierge help:- Reception and postal services are of great help to organisations. If not for coworking,  companies need to hire assistants and receptionists privately to aid in the day to day functioning of their office. Additionally,iKeva also provides snacks and beverages, a café space and conference room. 
  4. Demonstrates professionalism and flexibility:- To have a business card that contains an address in a posh area projects a sophisticated image in the minds of your clients and makes you more approachable. Coworking also gives you enough flexibility of changing your office location or working through a virtual network provider rather than offline mode which is a perk many employees seek.  
  5. Boosts productivity :- From the point of view of employees, coworking plays a pivotal role in boosting productivity. Shared work spaces are designed in a manner that generates maximum output and efficiency on the part of employees. 
  6. Access to innovative talent:- The problem of putting all the eggs in one basket by an organisation can prove very heavy with respect to acquiring and retaining talented individuals. With the help of plug and play offices a firm can hire and utilise the talent of anybody in any corner of the globe thereby adding value to their human resources. 
  7. Employee benefits:- Coworking spaces are designed in such a manner that they omit monotony and seriousness of a conventional office. They promote interaction among employees and take them out for trips, and organise seminars for fun as well as knowledge sharing.. Coworking spaces are a huge success because they impart social values and soft life skills to their inmates and make their work a ‘fun’ experience. 

From both the point of views i.e  the employers and the employees plug and play offices are a classic choice. Oflate, we have been hearing of instances  where major firms in the world who occupy large holdings in the share market, are still relocating to coworking. This is because they have eventually learnt that employees perform better in a shared office space than conventional office, and this in turn amplifies the organisation’s revenue and builds a strong morale with and amongst the employees. This is because they are harnessing the benefits of coworking spaces. If you are in need of a coworking package that suits you, visit iKeva today.

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