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Why Travel Can Do Wonders For Mental Health

If you find yourself stuck in the same routine day after day, you could understandably start yearning for a genuinely fresh-feeling experience. A trip away from home could be just what the doctor ordered — and that doesn’t have to be just a metaphor and reasonable for your mental health.

In one study highlighted by Everyday Health, people who regularly travelled at least 75 miles away from their home were reportedly about 7% happier than those who rarely or never did likewise. Why can travel have a mentally reinvigorating effect?

Simply planning a vacation can be enjoyable in itself

In a 2014 Cornell University study, it was found that simply anticipating an experience — like a trip — substantially increased a person’s happiness.

Travellers “end up talking to people more about their experiences than they talk about material purchases,” Amit Kumar, one of the study’s co-authors, explained in words quoted by National Geographic. “Compared to possessions, experiences make for better story material.”

You can learn a lot about a trip in advance

For example, if you are keen on cruises, you can get the best Cunard cruises by booking them online after making sure they will go to places you are especially eager to check out.

However, though a cruise’s itinerary might be fixed, you will still have a lot of control over how your personal experience on the cruise ultimately pans out. Therefore, as you plan a journey, you will know enough about it to be able to imagine it, but an exciting degree of novelty will remain.

Travel can increase your creativity

An article published by WebMD regarding mental health[ez-toc and medically reviewed by Dan Brennan, MD states: “Exposure to good news, making international friends, studying new languages, and taking in different types of food and music have been linked to better problem-solving skills.”

Naturally, you could take those nicely honed skills back home with you, allowing you to continue reaping benefits of the travelling long after it has actually taken place. A history of globetrotting can leave you ready to come up with delightfully diverse ideas.

Travel is a reliable stress buster – Mental Health

The office can undoubtedly be stressful, given how often you probably find yourself chasing tough deadlines there. However, when you take a break from work to embark on a trip somewhere you have never previously been, you can expect much of your work-related anguish to melt away.

Corporate pressures aren’t just bad for your mind; they can also wreak havoc on your physical health. Fortunately, you could get plentiful opportunities to replenish that while away — for example, if you go climbing mountains, trying out St Pete fishing charters or swimming in the sea.

Travelling can be a truly romantic experience, too

If you have a significant other, you probably shouldn’t wait for a honeymoon or other similarly special occasion before spending time out with your other half and only them.

“Couples who travel together report more satisfaction, experience better communication, and have longer-lasting relationships. More time spent in leisure activities, which is more accessible when travelling, enhances our relationships,” Los Angeles-based marriage therapist Saba Harouni Lurie remarks.

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