Why Use Peek Plastic in the Bearing Industry?

Why Use Peek Plastic in the Bearing Industry?


PEEK Plastic is relatively standard in every industry currently. Specifically, automotive, medical, electronics, and other companies use PEEK rods to create new products. And it is slowly replacing the usage of metals in various industries because of its low price and excellent components. 

Also, heavy metal can be complicated to use, specifically when it comes to an industry in its early stages. And that’s when PEEK plastic comes to the rescue. And the most significant bit is that this plastic is raging in every industry now.

This article is a way to show you why PEEK plastic should be used in the bearing industry, alongside significant points to support our statements.


When it comes to aerospace, PEEK plastics should be the first choice. And that is because it is lightweight, has chemical inertness, and is inexpensive. Lightweight materials decrease a vessel’s total burden, lowering fuel expenses and helping to conserve the environment. Because PEEK is chemically inert, it can survive exposure to air particles while remaining stable under severe circumstances. Because PEEK is a low-cost material to produce, it lowers the overall cost of components.


Another reason people believe in using PEEK material like PEEK tubes and PEEK sheets is how long-lasting the material is. When it comes to medical usage, PEEK is handy for its elastic properties as well. And apparently, there are no adverse effects on an individual’s body (internal and external) when PEEK is used for medical purposes. It is also a popular option for pumping systems due to its resilience to high temperatures and minimal moisture absorption characteristics.

Temperature Resistant

PEEK is a good choice for making powders and other ingredients in the food and beverage sector because of its excellent temperature resistance. PEEK is a low-cost alternative to PET that may get used to dry components in food and animal feed at high temperatures.

But for PEEK Bearings

Production of components is one of the most diversified uses of PEEK, and PEEK bearings are one of the most effective components to emerge from PEEK manufacturing. And the function of ball bearings is simply to reduce any friction between two mechanical components.

PEEK is great for bearings due to the following reasons:

  • Once they start moving, PEEK bearings self-lubricate. Tiny pieces act as lubricants as a result of abrasion, with no effect on the paths themselves.
  • PEEK bearings are thinner and lighter than conventional material bearings due to their endurance and excellent temperature resistance. Because of their low weight, they are more fuel-efficient, and they do not require as many extra chemical additives as aluminium or steel do.
  • PEEK is a low-cost material that can considerably lower be bearing production costs.
  • PEEK bearings are also low-maintenance and can operate for extended periods without freezing.

In The End

While writing all these facts and figures, we have discovered that PEEL material is here to stay for some time. Maybe now it is time for you to keep those peepers open to look out for PEEK materials around you!

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