using a VPN
using a VPN

Why using a VPN when you work from home

Working from home has been a common place for years. However, the corona crisis has ensured that even more people start working from home. Many have liked it so much, that they want to continue working like this as much as possible in the future. This is possible, of course, but in such a case Anonymous Browsing  is very important to use a VPN. Without a VPN, working from home is not at all as secure as it is often assumed.

A home network is not encrypted by default

Many people think that they work safely from home via the internet, because they use their own WiFi network. In practice, using this home network is not safe at all. Your internet connection at home is not encrypted and this is necessary if you want to protect your data. A non-encrypted network entails the necessary risks. For example, malware can be injected and sensitive data can be intercepted by hackers. In addition, there is also the risk of data being controlled or monitored, where sensitive information is obtained without you being aware of it. Such risks can be easily eliminated by using a VPN service.

A VPN service ensures safe internet traffic

Working from home often also means that you have to log in to business software from home, using your own WiFi connection. This should be done as safe as possible and you realize about this through the use of a VPN solution. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it makes all internet traffic safe and protected. The data traffic is optimally secured by the VPN service. An encryption and a reliable VPN tunnel occurs, avoiding the risk of leaks. People who work from home can log into company systems securely in this way. In addition, a VPN ensures that the internet use is anonymous.

VPN also offers optimal protection in other locations

VPN provides excellent protection in all locations outside a company. When a VPN service is used, a computer is used as if it was inside of the company. It does not matter where the computer, or any other device, is actually located. This does not have to be at home, but can also be in an internet café or at a train station. With a VPN you can use public WiFi without creating risks that you do not want to take. This means that you can work safely anywhere, including outdoors and via a public WiFi connection.

How Secure is a Free VPN?

There are many different companies that offer VPN services. It is of course important that you can count on optimal reliability. It is therefore not advisable to use a free VPN service. In many cases, data is nonetheless collected and stored within these services. You can also deal with malware.

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The best VPN does not have to be expensive, but of course it must always be reliable. Therefore, always compare the various options carefully and, if possible, start with a trial period to first test properly the VPN service.

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