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The design of any form of footwear could carry a significant impact on a short woman’s looks. Some shoe styles make a small woman appear thinner and taller, while some have the reverse effect. The following is a list worst shoe styles for short ladies to wear.


Most women, naturally, prefer wedges since they appear to offer more balance while walking, and there is no feeling of swaying on a narrow heel. One can even play top online casino games while walking in wedges. On the other hand, they leave a weighted look to the leg. That is why wedge shoes are among the worst footwear types for Petites.

Shoes With Chunky Heels

Shoes with enormous, clunky heels, like wedges, may offer women additional balance when moving or having to stand, but the big heel does little to improve a short lady’s image. This heel shape is unflattering because it causes legs to look shorter and fatter, whereas a woman with short legs will appear way nicer in a shoe style that leaves legs looking slimmer and longer.

Shoes With Extreme Platforms

A small platform should never be an issue for a short lady, and it offers some lift, but shoes with large platforms make a short ladies appear like she’s stepping on stilts, which isn’t quite the fashion appearance most women want to portray.

Shoes With Ankle Straps

Shoes with ankle straps visibly cut the leg off directly at the ankle, which is a negative look for Petites who want to outwardly lengthen the leg. Shoes with ankle straps, on the other hand, do not have to be eliminated from a short woman’s collection because there is a method to wear shoes with ankle straps without making legs appear cut off and these shoes are so comfortable even when you play games at online casino like bestusacasinosites and other online casunos.

Gladiator Sandals

The multiple straps of the gladiator style provide for a look that is far from elegant, regardless of whether gladiator sandals are flat or stretch to the knee. This doesn’t appear to be any justification to put on gladiators while there are so many other designs of sandals that look much better on a short woman.

High-Top Sneakers

For athletic involvement, a high-topped sneaker may be desired, if not required. There’s absolutely no other justification for a stylish lady to adopt this ugly style.

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