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Wrapping Gift Hampers: The Easy Way

Companies are getting ready for the Christmas celebrations, which are just around the corner, in less than ten days. Christmas get-togethers are incomplete without one thing—gifts—although no one can argue against food too. While the companies are eventful with the merriment preparations, shops and suppliers are getting all stocked up to cater to the corporate needs.

Assortment of gift hampers is getting stacked up on shelves for display so that customers can pick the best one which suits their needs. But gone are the days where manual gift wrapping can be used. With such a great demand for gift hampers every festive season, it may become daunting for the producers to handle.

The best solution to this is automating the entire process. This will enhance your productivity, ensure workers’ safety, lower down your costs spent on wrapping hampers manually and, last but not least, give the customers satisfaction that they have given something worthwhile to their employees apart from bonuses.

What Are Shrink Wraps?

Automation uses various types of processes to wrap the goods. Among them all, the most favoured one by the companies is shrink wrapping. Let us first look briefly into what is not shrink wraps but are considered to be so.

  • Stretch Film:Stretch films are also called pallet stretch wrapsshrink wraps and stretch wraps. Though the packaged good may seem to look shrunk wrapped, in reality, it is just a stretch film that gives the look of a shrink wrapper.
  • Vacuum Packaging:This packaging uses an air vacuum in order to take out the air from within the packaging. This package, after the removal of air, gives a shrunk look that resembles shrink wrapping.
  • Cling Wrapping: Cling wrap or saran wrap is a plastic wrap of food-grade which has a tact on a single or more than one side. This cling allows the users to pull the film tightly around a product and hold fast the film with itself. Due to its tight-fitting, it is mistakenly referred to as shrink wrap.

Shrink wraps are plastic films that are used to wrap around an object, be whatsoever the shape or size. This process uses heat on the surface so that the plastic film can shrink and conform to the products, taking the shape of the goods and sealing itself.

What Are Shrink Wraps Made Of?

Suppliers of gift hampers use pallet wrapping machines to wrap their large loads of hampers. While individually packing these hampers, shrink wraps are used. The shrink wrap comes in various materials and differs based on the use.

The major four materials of which shrink wrap is manufactured are polyolefin, PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene. While polypropylene and polyethylene shrink wraps are mostly used for heavier applications of shrink wrapping, polyolefin and PVC are often used by retail packagers.

Best Options For Shrink Wrapping Your Gift Hampers

The shrinkwrap most commonly used by the packers of hampers is PVC shrink film, which possesses a strong brittle and crinkly feel. Another option for wrapping is by using impact shrink film. This gives a high sheen and gloss and is a multilayered polyolefin that is cross-linked making the material more puncture and abuse-resistant. Both these wrappers are excellent selections with gift hampers.

How To Shrink Wrap?

There are quite a lot of ways to shrink wrap. For instance, smaller objects may be kept inside a shrink wrapping bag and then given external heat with a heat gun. The shrink wrap tubing is adjustable length-wise. The remaining items may be kept in this shrink wrap tubing.

Suppliers who use shrink wraps on daily basis to wrap larger loads often use a shrink wrap machine that caters to all their needs by being fully automated—right from wrapping to heating and sealing, all in one go. Such All In One Shrink Wrapper machines come handy while catering to a large demand for gift hampers in the festive seasons. It makes the process of wrapping gift hampers efficient and quick with errorless records.

How To Use The Shrink Wrapping Machine?

There are two easy steps to get your gift hampers all packed. All you need to do is slide the hamper into the shrink film that is a centrefold and slide the hamper inside the sealing tray. Now, sit back and watch your hamper get beautifully wrapped within no time. The shrink wrapping machine will heat up, shrink and seal the shrink film according to the products kept within the wrapper, without causing damage to the products, in one clean and professional stride.

What Are The Perks Of Using Shrink Wraps?

Not only are the shrink wraps convenient to use, but they also come with an array of benefits as well. Let us delve into them.

1.      Protection

When heat is given to the shrink wraps, it makes a very unyielding seal. This plastic film or seal then provides complete protection to the contents within, be it from the damage caused by moisture, dirt, dust, oxidation or the sun and its UV rays.

2.      Durability

Shrinkwrap is prepared from very durable and sturdy plastic. It is not easy to puncture or tear it. Unlike other wrapping materials, shrink wrap does not give in the extreme heat or cold and does not become weak or brittle. It will neither loosen nor sag, once it’s heated and sealed upon your products.

3.      Tampering

Any tampering with the package becomes noticeable immediately due to the quality of the shrink wrap which holds on to the products within, once it is sealed with shrink wrap. Due to this cause, a lot of pharmaceutical companies, too, shrink wrap their goods, along with the majority of food manufacturers as well.

When touched, certain types of shrink wraps change colour when touched by someone or when the plastic film has been stretched or tampered with. This wrapping is mainly used by government agencies and banks.

4.      Affordability

Space gets saved while using shrink wraps, as there is no added need for boxes and the products are kept closely well together. Space that is saved is equal to money saved upon both the transport and storage costs.

5.      Branding And Preservation

Another additional attribute of shrink wrappers is that they can be custom designed with words, logos, colours and pictures which promote your brand and products. It’s a great marketing tool!

A lot of foods need preservation for either transport purposes or extended shelf lives. Thus, they are shrink-wrapped in food-grade shrink wraps by the food manufacturers.

Apart from these, shrink-wrapped packages look professionally elegant while gifting them to your loved ones or your corporate family. All and any sizes and types of objects can be shrink-wrapped—right from your wine bottles to chocolates, pastries, bath bombs, toys, greeting cards, anything can be shrink-wrapped and gifted.

So, the next time you need help with wrapping gifts, do not forget to glance through the suppliers of shrink-wrapping machines in your locality.

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