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The legs and ankles are a vital part of a person’s daily existence, as they are responsible for most aspects of locomotion and getting from one place to another. When either of these sections is injured, it affects how you handle your work and may even cause a complete standstill of your work or household work. Dr. Jaymes Granata of Battle Bone and Joint Center realizes that performing your activities is vital to you and that injuries should not interfere with them. As a result, he offers treatments for foot and ankle injuries including, ankle sprains, arthritis, and bunions, to name a few. The services are explained in detail below.

  1.     Arthritis

This joint condition is usually marked by unexplainable pain in the joints. When you do your best to alleviate the symptoms with no success to the extent that they decrease your quality of life, consider a Battle Born Bone and Joint Center evaluation. The specialist will review your arthritis treatment choices based on the type of arthritis you have to reduce pain and improve function. The treatment options offered include surgery for complex conditions, physical therapy, steroids, and anti-inflammatories. The specialists can also recommend lifestyle changes to include a weight loss program if need be. If the conservative treatments fail to relieve your discomfort and dysfunction, the doctor will discuss your surgical alternatives with you.

  1.     Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains are a common injury that can affect people of all ages and levels of exercise. Injuries can happen when walking to the mailbox or strenuous training or competitive athletic events. Consider visiting the center if you twisted your ankle and are experiencing discomfort and difficulties walking. The specialist performs all necessary treatments to correct your injuries. He may propose surgery if your ankle remains weak and unstable despite conservative treatment. Ankle arthroscopy may be used to evaluate and treat your joint and cartilage, as well as the removal of excessive and bothersome scar tissue. He utilizes a small camera and sophisticated surgical equipment to remove injured bone, cartilage, or ligament fragments during the treatment. Ligaments are immediately viewed and, in most cases, healed by a separate incision.

  1.     Bunion

A bunion is a painful malformation in the big toe that, if not treated appropriately, can progress to other foot problems. It’s time to see your foot and ankle specialists if the pain and dysfunction worsen despite your best efforts. At Battle Born Bone & Joint Centre, the specialists will take the time to discuss your diagnosis and treatment choices. The doctor may suggest surgery if your bunions are still bothering you after conservative treatment. During this operation, the physician realigns the bones, ligaments, and tendons in your big toe to improve alignment and ease the pain. Depending on the severity of your ailment, your rehabilitation could take a long time. Call or arrange an appointment online for additional information on bunions and treatment alternatives.

Don’t fail to do what you love because you have a foot or ankle injury. The doctor will help you understand your injuries and get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Visit Battle Born Bone & Joint Center or call to book an appointment with them today.

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