10 Essential Things you Need to Know about Zantac Lawsuit

Heartburn, ulcers, and acid reflux are symptoms that patients use Zantac as a treatment. However, a recent study suggests that the popular heartburn medication Zantac may cause cancer. There has been a warning issued regarding the dangers of taking Zantac, and it has led to lawsuits against its manufacturers. If this issue affects you or someone you know, here are 10 things you need to know about the Zantac lawsuit.

1. What is Zantac? How does it work?

Zantac is a medication for treating indigestion, upset stomach, and ulcers. The drug reduces stomach acid levels. Zantac is available as both an over-the-counter medication and a prescription medication. Over-the-counter Zantac is approved for use by adults and children 12 and older. Prescription Zantac is approved for use by adults 18 and older.

2. What are the reasons for Zantac lawsuits?

The FDA found that the active ingredient in Zantac, ranitidine, contained NDMA, a suspected human carcinogen. As a result, Zantac users who developed cancer are suing the company. As NDMA contamination increases over time, the FDA warned all companies not to sell ranitidine-based Zantac in 2020. According to the FDA, Zantac’s NDMA content increases with age, making it difficult when the expiration date is unknown. The recalls and lawsuits do not affect Sanofi’s new drug, Zantac 360.

3. Who is affected by the Zantac lawsuit?

The Zantac lawsuit mainly affects patients diagnosed after taking the medication. However, long-term Zantac users may be at risk.

4. What health problems are associated with taking Zantac?

Zantac has been linked to several health problems. The most common of these are cancer, kidney disease, and liver damage.

5. What is the process for filing a lawsuit against Zantac?

If Zantac caused you harm, you may file lawsuit against the company and receive compensation.

6. Is there a deadline for filing a Zantac lawsuit?

Currently, there is no deadline for filing a lawsuit against Zantac, but you should consult an attorney as soon as possible. The time limit for filing a claim may expire if you wait too long.

7. Which Cancers are listed in the Zantac Lawsuits?

NDMA and Zantac have been linked to a wide range of cancers reported by those who have taken the drug and sued. Several cancers may be grounds for a Zantac lawsuit including:






8. How much money could I get from suing Zantac?

It is difficult to estimate how much money you can receive. Any potential lawsuit would likely take into account the individual’s circumstances, such as the severity of their illness and any financial damages they have suffered.

9. What type of lawsuit can be filed?

Two ways exist for you to seek compensation for injuries caused by Zantac ranitidine. First, you can participate in a class action that has already begun nationwide. Second, you can sue on your own if you feel you suffered severe injuries.

10. How can you get help for a Zantac Lawsuit?

If you believe you have been exposed to NDMA, consult a lawyer. By hiring a law firm, you can concentrate on your recovery.

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