4 Signs That are Exclusively Prominent In Australia

4 Signs That are Exclusively Prominent In Australia

Signboards help one understand a situation better and act accordingly with care and precaution. Emergency signs, danger signs, prohibition signs and many more are necessary since they can prevent hazards and help navigation. Here are some signs that are most commonly observed around Australia that is rarely present anywhere abroad.

Beware of Kangaroos: As commonly assumed, kangaroos are very common in Australia and cover many areas, including few township areas. Kangaroos tend to navigate in a definite path, usually which is identified by government authorities. Signs are placed around places with kangaroo sightings for people to be aware of it and take the necessary steps. This sign usually has a silhouette of a kangaroo which indicates their movement. Other possible animals are included if they wander around the site as well. One of the places where these signs were found were in Cape Conran Coastal Park recently. There are also signs indicating accidents between cars and kangaroos that provide a speed limit for the driver to avoid such disasters.

Signs for penguins: Penguins are also present in a few areas of Australia despite the heat. Victor Harbour Granite Island in South Australia has abundant penguins that dive into the sea very often. They cross roadways and are found around the beaches, too, for which the signs are present indicating that one should not disturb their activities by human indulgence. They catch fish and cool themselves down, after which they return to their shelters. This activity is most prominent during dusk.

Ambulance pick-up point: This sign is one of the most brilliant emergency signs that make it surprising that many countries have not employed it in practice yet. This sign makes it easier for people to make a pick-up easier and the ambulances to reach the area closest to the required house faster. Locating a certain house during an emergency can take a lot of time which is why this sign is placed appropriately per area to ensure the process is faster and efficient. Although this sign is not just particular to Australia and countries like New Zealand and more also have similar signs, it is a sign that is not available in many other countries, which makes it an intelligent choice by the government.

Falling coconuts: This is a danger sign that is usually employed around plantations with a risk of coconuts dropping often. It is observed in various outer regions of Australia since coconut trees are mostly situated outside of the cities, away from the hustle-bustle. These signs usually contain a direct written statement that is self-explanatory or an illustration showing the act of the coconut falling from the tree. Falling coconuts have caused a lot of deaths and are surely a significant risk.

Apart from these signs, there are main signboards available in every nook and corner for primary purposes. Australia also has various signs for stingers in the sea, dangers of crocodiles, Cow passing, and many more that are situated in many parts around the continent. With the broadest range of animals, Australia has signboards for almost every animal most commonly found in that area, from snakes to hedgehogs and Koalas. These animals are best undisturbed, and human intervention can be very harmful to the person and the animal as they get frantic, and the scent can lead to their herd not accepting them due to the risks the scents may threaten them with. Wildlife does not require meddling, and it needs to be left alone to thrive on its own!

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