Agricultural Fertilizers

The Different Types of Agricultural Fertilizers That Exist Today

As of last year, the total demand for agricultural fertilizers was at 201.7 million tonnes. As soil becomes more and more eroded, people in the farming industry are seeking the help of fertilizers.

Farmers everywhere understand that they need to supplement their plants with nutrients. Experts in the agricultural industry have shown that various types of fertilizers affect the outcome of the crop.

Smart farming involves knowing what type of fertilizer is best according to the soil type. Besides, the preference of the farmer plays a key role when purchasing organic fertilizers. This article will highlight the different types of agricultural fertilizers that exist today.

  1. Slow-Release Organic Fertilizers

If you want a fertilizer that will serve your plants over an extended period then this type is ideal for you. It’s best to apply slow-release fertilizers at the planting stage. This will ensure that your plant has available nutrients throughout growth.

Most of these organic fertilizers have a label indicating the percentage of nutrients in them. It’s always wise to pick the types of fertilizers which have a high nitrogen content. They are ideal for vegetables patches and fruits.

  1. Dry Agricultural Fertilizers

There is no need of mixing these types of fertilizers with water during the application. There are the best to use along with fungicides like Marrone Bio.

You can apply these types of fertilizers in various ways. Forming rings around the plant has proven to be the most effective method. When applying the fertilizer, use small amounts per root region.

  1. Organic Fertilizers

People who practice smart farming understand the importance of organic fertilizers. Farmers make their fertilizers from animal and plant sources. Manure is a common form of these fertilizers.

The best time to apply organic fertilizers is before the planting stage. They are ideal for side dressing but you will need to top dress with another fertilizer.

You can use organic fertilizers together with inorganic ones to quicken the release of nutrients. However, some people are against using inorganic fertilizers. If you’re among them, then you can opt for manure tea and fish emulsions.

  1. Inorganic Agricultural Fertilizers

Experts in the agricultural industry fashion these types of fertilizers from non-living sources. These fertilizers release an exact fraction of the nutrients needed.

Some of these fertilizers can release nutrients immediately to the so it. Yet others release nutrients in a controlled manner. While using inorganic fertilizers it’is advisable to go for the slow-release ones.

  1. Soluble Fertilizers

These types of fertilizers need water in the application process. You can apply them weekly for the best results. Mix them with water then use a sprinkler for easier application.

Most farmers use these types of fertilizers for foliar feeding. This is when the farmer wants to supplements the plant with micronutrients.

Types of Agricultural Fertilizers

Various types of agricultural fertilizers have their distinct benefits. It’s advisable to follow the instructions on the packages when using fertilizers. To get the right results, you need to be careful during application.

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