Living in Portugal and Greece

Living in Portugal and Greece: A Comparative Guide

Portugal and Greece are two of the most popular destinations for expats and retirees looking to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. They are also great places to enjoy excellent weather with culturally and historically rich destinations.

Both countries have much to offer including affordability, safety, and high living standards.

In this guide, you can know about the healthcare and education systems, the job market, and the cost of living in both countries.

Let’s start with the healthcare system in Portugal.

Healthcare Services in Portugal

Living in Portugal means having access to high-quality healthcare services. The country has a comprehensive network of hospitals and clinics. Also, most residents are covered by the national health insurance scheme. Expats can benefit from private healthcare if they are not legal residents or citizens of Portugal. Private institutions provide earlier appointments compared to state institutions.

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Education System in Portugal

Portugal’s education system is considered to be good with a high literacy rate. Also, a wide range of schools is available in the country.

Portugal has both public and private schools, and ex-pats will find that many of the private schools provide education in English. International schools are also available at both elementary and college levels.

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Portugal Jobs For Foreigners

Portugal has a diverse economy and job market, with opportunities in industries such as tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and technology.

Expats will find that Portugal jobs for foreigners are manifold. They can also make a good living by starting their own business or working as a freelancer. The startup ecosystem, for example, is growing every day in Portugal. Language schools, the IT sector, and international companies hire international employees as well. Besides these, the tourism sector needs a lot of English-speaking staff.

Cost of Living in Portugal:

Portugal is an affordable country to live in with a low cost of living compared to many other European countries. Expats will find that housing and food are relatively cheap, and healthcare and education are also reasonably priced. In addition, property prices are also affordable enough for moving to Portugal. The prices can be higher in bigger cities like Lisbon and Porto though.

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Let’s now look at how life in Greece is like.

Healthcare in Greece

Greece has both public and private healthcare systems that are of good quality, with a wide range of services. The country has a comprehensive network of hospitals and clinics. If you’re an expat living in Greece, you may want to use the private system to get faster solutions. Also, the number of English-speaking staff is higher in private institutions.

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Education in Greece

Greece has a competitive education system with a high literacy rate and a wide range of schools available. Both public and private schools are available, and many of the private schools provide education in English. Compulsory education is between six and 16 in Greece.

Greece Jobs For Foreigners

Greece’s job market has been hit hard in recent years due to the economic crisis. However, the country began to improve its economy with several initiatives. Greece jobs for foreigners are available in sectors including tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. Besides these, you can work as an English teacher, a guide, or a babysitter as well. It’s also possible to work in companies if you have qualifying experience.

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Cost of living in Greece

Similar to Portugal, Greece is also an affordable European country to live in. You can find that food, transportation, and rents are affordable enough in the country. Properties are even cheaper when moving further from the city centers.

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So, both Portugal and Greece offer an affordable lifestyle with quality education and healthcare systems. If you want to move to Europe, don’t wait longer and consider moving to one of these countries!

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