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10 Mistakes to avoid while preparing Class 10 maths Olympiad

We all know that preparation and execution is an important and erstwhile process while giving an Olympiad be it maths or science or for any other examination. However, it is also important that we must make sure at times we do not make certain wrongs or mistakes while preparing the same. Thereby this article will let the students know these common or specific mistakes a student must not do while preparing for a Class 10 maths Olympiad so that they can have a smooth and successful examination.

  1. Not following a planned strategy: Planning and working in accordance with the plan and strategy is an important thing while preparing for any examination or an Olympiad. It means that a student must make sure they have something in mind so on to know how to work, what to do and when to do it. This is one of the most common and popular mistakes done by any student. Also, this mistake can be deadly that it can cost their whole process. This process must very well start right from the beginning level. Also that this step is the transition failing would cost the student both in terms of preparation as well as execution. So it is a must there is a strategy which is planned in prior motion and that is followed properly.
  2. Non-reliance on key materials: It is important that a student prepares properly and sincerely for a maths Olympiad. While doing so it is important that he or she goes through the required and relevant materials properly. This means and includes that they must go through key materials. In other words, we can say that every such examination has something known as the key material or key books which forms a vital part of the examination. They usually contain the majority part of the content of the exam. First preference should be given for the key material however other books and guides can be used as a sidekick.
  3. Memorizing formulas and other things: One big mistake that can be done in any kind of maths examination can be that of memorizing a solution, or the answers or the numbers. As maths is a subject of high logical and analytical importance a student must make sure he or she does not memorize or just copy-paste things from their brain to the paper. This means a student must make sure he or she understands the concepts, formulas, steps etc. so as to have a good examination.
  4. Not practising enough: It is important that a student makes sure he or she has enough practice and preparation before an Olympiad. If there is a problem in this step then it will have dire consequences. A student must make sure they know what they are preparing and therefore practice it time and again in a proper manner. This is where a student will be able to make sure of their standing. To avoid this mistake it is important they have a properly planned strategy to carry out so they do not miss out on anything and there is also a proper timeline.
  5. Lack of Guidance: One of the important things that a student must earn for an Olympiad is experience and exposure. But this does not come easily and within. Therefore, a student must make sure he or she takes guidance from any faculty, expert or even the internet before giving an Olympiad. By doing this it will be easier for the student to gain some experience on how and what the exam will be. Also at times making use of the internet will help because the exposure of the internet in regards to these matters are usually way higher than that of the real world. Even taking a look from sources such as class 10 2014 question paper would be helpful.
  6. Cramming the process: It is a general tendency of human beings to complicate and cram up a process. This goes the same with a Maths Olympiad. It is important that a student makes sure he or she does not cram. In fact, this is a multi-faceted problem faced by a student because this is caused as a result of various other problems coming all in together ranging from lack of practice, improper schedule etc. If all these problems come together and meet at a point then it would be logically impossible to have a smooth flow.
  7. Unfamiliar and irrelevant topics: It is a weak human tendency that we do think or go through irrelevant, unfamiliar and unwanted things. This means that a student preparing for any such examination must not do things that are not relevant for the result of the preparation. Also at times, it is important that they go way out of context to bring in unfamiliar things. This is because these things will further complicate the preparation and the execution process.
  8. Not knowing the basics: It is important that the student must know the level of the exam they are giving in, what are the portions or syllabus they need to cover, the way the exam is going to be held and the means so required. This means that the foundation must be laid well so the other process comes up in accordance with what it should.
  9. Revising and rectifying: This 2 R process plays a key role in the success of an Olympiad meaning which a student must make sure they have a proper revision of the preparation and also in parallel time make sure they rectify their mistakes. If this 2 R process is done properly the completion of the preparation is done in a smooth manner. But most of the students stutter in this process which toils of their whole preparation.
  10. Panicking and stressing out: A common tendency of students before exams is to panic out and face various issues such as anxiety, stress etc. This will not just cause a problem during the preparation process but also at the time of execution as well.

If these 10 mistakes are avoided it will be easy for a student to crack the class 10 maths Olympiad.

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