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How to Prepare for Class 5 Math Olympiad

Olympiads, or more commonly known as Olympiad exams, are a set of national or international exams that are usually held for classes 1-12 and are easily considered to be one of the most difficult ones to pass. Olympiad Well, if your child is awarded under the Olympiads, they are certainly considered to have an advantage on academic ends. 

Whilst there are countless options and collaborations to appear for the Olympiads across the country, the organizations usually provide them with detailed books containing the entire syllabus! Beyond the Olympiads, there are many other math tournaments, ranging from AMC 8 to AIME and USA (J) MO that children can prepare for.

What if a child wishes to excel in a subject like Maths?

Well, Maths is one such subject that constantly requires practice and to excel, it undoubtedly needs the right guidance. To make the first step easier, Maths books have been divided into segments for better division of attention and practice. 

Knowing the syllabus well is the key point before typing to prepare for any exams, especially the olympiads. When in class 5, Math students are usually taught more complex additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions and even decimals. However, they should know that ratios and percentages are what they will deal with. Geometry is going to be just as important, hence some interest in it will go a long way! Volume, perimeter and area are going to be the child’s buddies for the year! 

What really needs to be kept in mind is allowing the mind to think differently! Such exams, like the olympiads, really do test a child’s logical thinking and look at their ability to be able to look at problems from a different point of view. An idealistic approach to solving problems proves the true abilities of the child, hence, more work should be focused on channelling that. 

The topics covered under class 5 Maths Olympiad includes,

  • Concept of Geometry
  • Number System
  • Factors & Multiples
  • Multiplications and Division
  • Additional-Subtraction
  • Decimals and Fractions
  • Data Handling
  • Measurement 
  • Logical Reasoning 

A strong foundation for the child is always welcomed, especially when it’s a practical subject like Maths, Once the child has the right books to study from, a right path of guidance, a couple of tips can really go a long way in making the child stand out amongst others and possibly get them awarded for their incredible performance at the exams! 

So, What is the key to a perfect score?

This is the main question that pops up in almost all heads that are preparing for the exam. The answer really isn’t that difficult. All that is required is smart preparation of the child and not hard. This is gonna make learning more fun, make the syllabus easier to understand and of course help the appearing child manage their time more efficiently during the preparation stages. 

1. Make Notes!

Just reading through the already printed notes is not always enough. To really imbibe a concept into the mind, it is vital to do it in a personalized manner. Writing your own notes and little tips for the brain while understanding the concept allows one to prepare better and rush the revision by just going through the cracked notes! 

2. Keep the tests going!

While some may think that taking tests is not important for revision, this is not actually true. Once you think that the preparation of the learning part is complete, to make sure that one is thorough with the concepts, taking tests and revising chapter-wise really goes a long way. It allows one to understand the strong points and target all weaknesses without missing out on any. 

3. Do not miss out on sample papers!

Once the child is sure about their preparation and is also done testing themselves chapter-wise, it is necessary to make sure that the sample papers are not missed out. Depending on the level of exam appearing for, the previous year’s sample papers are usually easily available for reference to help gain more confidence before actually appearing for the final one.

4. Attempt previous Olympiads before the final one!

When one finally has a good hold over the syllabus and a little confidence is up-the-sleeve with the sample papers, it is a big help to attempt the previous years Olympiad exam papers to make sure that no doubts or questions are left off that you can not solve!

5. Be attentive to the scoring system!

When appearing for such competitive exams, it would be naive to not keep a check on the scoring system. This is a smart way to effectively distribute time and resources and help score above average marks especially in a subject like Maths.  

6. Aspire high! 

Lastly, being confident and well-prepared is what goes a long way. Aiming for the perfect score with the right knowledge and distribution of time may as well lock the perfect score and even get one closer to getting awards! 

To Conclude, Maths Olympiad is a great way to open a new way of understanding for the students and will go a long way in their future revolving around complex maths problems. Referring to the available books, seeking the right guidance, preparing oneself correctly and wanting to excel is all that is required! 

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