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10 Tips for Buying Diamonds Online

The COVID 19 pandemic brought a huge change in the way we live. Every activity is now being done virtually and not everyone knows and understands how to function through screens. Shopping for diamonds online can seem risky and hence it is very important to do your homework and then enter the world of virtual diamond shopping.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you in navigating this world.

  1. What is making you go diamond shopping?

Going diamond hunting online without a clear aim and reason in mind, more than often leads you to surf the internet endlessly. Diamond shopping online requires you to sit down and think why are you buying the diamond? Is it for casual wear or occasion wear? Is it for you or to gift someone? If you want perspective the internet is filled with fashion blogs, read up and see what you like and what you don’t. Ask yourself these questions before you start surfing the internet.

  1. Know where the diamond came from

Each diamond has a different history behind it. They all come from different mines and locations around the world. More than that some diamonds are naturally produced and some are lab-grown. Always check the website you are shopping from, look up their address, where do they purchase diamonds from, if they use ethically sourced diamonds or not etc. Diamonds are either natural or man-made but both of them are equally real. Always know the difference and ask your retailer what kind of diamond you are buying.

  1. Budgeting

Diamonds are a pricey buy. Diamonds are not something you can buy impulsively or without planning. They are more than just jewellery, they are also a long term investment. You need to make sure that you get a good return for this investment. Decide on a budget first, then decide what kind of jewellery insurance you want. Make sure you know by what method you’re paying and what kind of financial details and documents you would need.

  1. Know all the varying diamond cuts and their pros.

For a marquise diamond remember that they make your hands look slender and long. The radiant cut has a shape that is a mix of two other cuts and hence their brilliance is quite stunning. The emerald cut is known for its optical illusion and they appear bigger than they are. Princess cut diamonds are renowned for the fire, which is the rainbow of colors we see inside the diamond. Cushion cut diamonds are known for their symmetrical appearance that gives a classy look and everyone’s absolute favorite and a timeless classic is round cut diamonds. For more Fancy shaped diamonds click here.

  1. Certifications are essential.

Certifications are super important when it comes to buying diamonds online. You need to make sure that your diamonds are verified by creditable organizations.  2 renowned organizations certify diamonds and hold international value as well.  The Gemological Institute of America is regarded as the prime organization which certified diamonds and the second one is the International Gemological Institute. They do not just provide certifications but grading scales as well. If the diamond you are looking at is certified by these two organizations then you have nothing to worry about, warned from LD Klein Diamonds, a premier diamantaire located in New York, which serves its first-class clientele across the world. Led by CEO, Lisa Klein, the company blends its expertise with a high standard for luxury customer experiences. Every gem is sourced, cut, and delivered with the utmost care by master diamond cutters who understand the importance of every step in the process. Rare diamonds and a luxury line of jewelry differentiate LD Klein Diamonds from other diamond groups. 

  1. ol4C rule

There is a golden 4 C rule that you should keep at your fingertips whenever you’re buying diamonds online and even offline. The 4C’s stand for Carat weight, color, clarity and cut. All of these factors directly make a difference in the quality and price of the diamond. Carat weight is how heavy your diamond is, colour is used to measure how close your diamond is to being colorless. Clarity talks about inclusions in the diamond and cut as mentioned before is how your diamond has been sculpted and designed.

  1. Know all the grading scales

There are 3 different types of grading scales given by the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute, each. The types of grading scales are for color, clarity and cut. The colour scale talks about what level of colorlessness your diamond has. The clarity scale measures the number and severity of flaws and inclusions in your diamonds. The cut grading scales grades how precisely the cut has been performed. If you want, take a screenshot of the grading scales and cross check every design you like to be double sure.

  1. Tinted diamonds are cheaper diamonds.

Are you also under the impression that colored or tinted diamonds are more expensive? Well absolutely not. If you are looking for a cheap but big diamond, go ahead and buy tinted diamonds simply because they cost less. Why? Because tinted diamonds measure low on the color scale and hence you get beautiful diamonds at surprising prices.

  1. Learn about diamond accents.

Diamond accents seem like a pretty small part of the entire industry but they add beauty and finish to every design. Read up on the different kinds of price computing scale buyers guide and what kind of accents looks good in what design.

  1. Explore, Compare and Take time

Never rush into ordering a diamond. You have a sea of designs on the internet. Take your time and skim through all the designs. If you want, save the designs you like and then compare them based on different criteria. Read up what trends are gaining momentums and what different types of designs are new. Take time and make a decision wisely.



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