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8 Different Kinds Of Lawyers & How To Choose The Right One

Many kinds of lawyers specialize in specific areas of the law. For example, home health lawyers are there to help their clients who have faced some kind of malpractice from medical administrators or medical institutes. Some lawyers operate outside of the courtroom drafting contracts, wills, and other legal paperwork associated with specific kinds of transactions such as real estate, insurance, or commercial activity. A majority of these lawyers will never see the inside of a courtroom. 

Some lawyers are much more active in the courtroom and directly involved in the judgment that their client receives. We have compiled a list of the different kinds of lawyers with a brief explanation of how they can help their clients. The descriptions provided here will help you make sure you choose the right kind of lawyer when you are in a legal bind. It will also give you a rough idea of the role of each kind of lawyer. 

1. Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy can be a huge relief for someone who is under sizable and unsustainable debt. At the same time, filling out bankruptcy forms can be an extremely demanding and arduous process. Thankfully, a bankruptcy lawyer is there to administer legal advice to ensure that their clients make the right long-term financial decisions. Additionally, a bankruptcy lawyer is also well acquainted with all the forms that need to be filled for all of the different reasons. 

A bankruptcy lawyer can help their client decide whether they should be filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer is there to help mitigate their client’s debts through the process of bankruptcy litigation. The bankruptcy litigation process helps negotiate with creditors and formulate viable repayment plans. A bankruptcy lawyer will often be engaged with their client for the long run. 2

2. Business Litigation Lawyers

Business litigation lawyers are extremely proficient in the laws related to business and commercial activities. A business litigation lawyer can pinpoint specific entrepreneurial concerns a business should have before signing a contract regarding its business activity. The business litigation lawyer can also help identify possible legal threats that are present in the current versions of a business’s contracts. The business litigation lawyer can recommend ways to deal with these oversights in their paperwork. 

A business litigation lawyer can assist when there is a breach of contract between two parties or disputes between legal partners of a business. The business litigation lawyer will advise their client on how to deal with potential claims that consumers can make against the business. Commercial litigation or business litigation is when a plaintiff sues the defendant for monetary damages because of a certain business transaction. The main role of business litigation lawyers is to legally preserve the business interests of their clients. 

3. Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil litigation occurs when two parties have a mutual disagreement but nobody has broken the law. The two parties might be seeking compensation for the damages incurred by the other party’s actions in the form of a legal dispute. All of the different kinds of lawyers mentioned on this list are civil litigation lawyers except for criminal defense lawyers. Civil litigation trials can be a long and tedious process if the case goes to court. 

In most cases, however, the case does not go to court because of the efforts of the civil litigation lawyer. Successful civil litigation lawyers eventually develop a reputation and this can deter the other party from going to court. The investigation, pleadings, answer, and discovery are all the steps that occur before the pre-trial. The case goes to court for a final settlement if the two parties cannot reach an agreement in the pre-trial session. 

4. Accident Lawyers

Accident lawyers, frequently referred to as non-public damage legal professionals, play an important role in helping people who’ve been injured due to the negligence or misconduct of others. These legal experts focus on an extensive variety of cases, from vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall incidents to scientific malpractice and place of work accidents.

One of the primary obligations of coincidence lawyers is to provide their customers with expert prison suggestions and illustrations. They manual people via the complex prison technique, ensuring that their rights are protected and they receive the repayment they deserve. This repayment can include clinical costs, misplaced wages, pain and suffering, and extra.

Accident legal professionals are adept at undertaking thorough investigations into the instances surrounding the coincidence. They acquire evidence, interview witnesses, talk over it with professionals, and construct a compelling case to establish legal responsibility. Whether negotiating with insurance organizations for a truthful settlement or representing their customers in court, accident legal professionals are tireless advocates for justice.

5. Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is assigned the case of defending a person who is charged with a crime in court. The crime can be a misdemeanor or it can be a felony with punishment ranging from a few years of community service to lengthy prison sentences or even death.  Some criminals are arrested based on probable cause and there may not be sufficient tangible evidence to convict. A criminal defense lawyer can persuade a court to dismiss the case against their client based on insufficient evidence.  

A criminal defense lawyer investigates the case on behalf of their client with evidence from the court, interrogating the police about procedures associated with the case, and speaking with witnesses. A successful criminal defense lawyer will use all of this information to develop a strong defense for the case. The criminal defense lawyer is shown the prosecution’s case to review it before it gets presented to the jury. This gives the criminal defense lawyer the complete opportunity to identify any ambiguities or shortcomings in the prosecution’s case to defend their client. 

6. Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning attorney or probate investment attorney is well educated about the state and federal laws that influence how your assets will be registered, assessed, distributed, and taxed after your demise. An estate law attorney can help you create your own will by indicating beneficiaries, setting up a persistent power of attorney, and determining ways to minimize estate tax and avoid it whenever possible. Do not hesitate to contact an estate law attorney when a beneficiary, or someone else, declares to contest the will of a deceased family member where you are listed as a beneficiary. These kinds of lawsuits can quickly deplete the resources in the estate to be distributed amongst the beneficiaries. 

Looking for the right estate planning attorney will be a long and drawn-out process. Try to get references from colleagues, friends, or family members to find out if they know an accomplished and successful estate planning attorney. Always conduct a phone interview before a personal meeting because a phone interview will help you zero in on the right estate planning attorney. Schedule the first meeting in the lawyer’s office to help you understand what kind of services they can provide and don’t forget to take your documents with you. 

7. Family Lawyer

A family lawyer is a legal professional that handles many different kinds of legal concerns directly related to families and certain family members. Some of the cases when a family lawyer may be contacted are alimony, child custody, paternity, legal guardianship, adoption, prenuptial, and postnuptial agreements. Going through a divorce is probably one of the most draining or freeing experiences a person can have based on whether or not they hired the right family attorney. A competent family lawyer will help mediate and assist the couple part ways lawfully without posing a threat to their partner. 

A family lawyer can also help the couple decide who will get custody of the child after the divorce. On the contrary, a family lawyer can help couples who cannot conceive legally adopt a child. It is recommended to consult a family lawyer before signing any kind of prenuptial agreement with your partner to make sure that it is in your best interest with the future in mind. A lot of the work a family lawyer does is not just in court but also to help advise and recommend their client a legal and unbiased long-term solution to the problem.

8. Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer is responsible to help their client immigrate to a foreign country and become a citizen in the country of immigration. Some immigration lawyers help people with other nationalities become permanent residents in the United States but there is a range of different responsibilities and duties of an immigration lawyer. The immigration laws of the United States are some of the most complex sets of laws within the country. Furthermore, the slightest oversight or carelessness in completing the paperwork has a corollary effect on the total time it takes to complete the immigration process. 

Some immigration lawyers can help individuals facing deportation by looking for ways to facilitate their client’s to settle in the country. There are government-hired immigration lawyers and their job is to facilitate the visa process for foreign individuals or diplomats visiting the country. Immigration lawyers are familiar with the immigration and visa laws of many different countries. Students should consult with an immigration lawyer before applying to institutions abroad to ensure that they have a rewarding experience in a foreign country. 

9. Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer

An intellectual property lawyer or IP attorney is the protector of a brand’s trade secrets which are not just an idea but also a form of innovation in their business domain. Intellectual property can be perceived as any original creation in the field of patents, designs, medicine, expressions, images, inventions, literature, music, phrases, or terms. An intellectual property lawyer can help you register a trademark if you have created anything which can be deemed as intellectual property. An intellectual property lawyer can help you if anyone tries to pilfer, copy, or steal your intellectual property in any way. 

An intellectual property lawyer is an expert on copyright and patent law and how to safeguard their client’s intellectual property in a court of law. An IP lawyer can help their client and the other party reach a settlement when they have scrounged their client’s intellectual property. Many specializations of IP lawyers exist based on the field of intellectual property. For example, a pharmaceutical IP lawyer will be of no use for an individual who needs an e-commerce IP lawyer.

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