Rebirth Island

10 tips to help you dominate Rebirth Island, Call of Duty

Today I’m going to be sharing with you 10 game-breaking tips to help you dominate Rebirth Island.

If this is your first time here. I make war zone tips and tricks articles. I compare the best weapons in War zone so you can rise to the top.

Let’s get into it.

  1. Aggressive mindset

Every time you jump into War zone is to play with an aggressive mindset.

You gotta start landing with the mindset that you are a winner and winners bring the fight. Being timid can ruin your performance.

You want to come with that aggressive mindset, that mindset that you are the best.

That’s how you will continue to sharpen your skills and become the best player you could possibly be.

  1. Land has the A-team

If you’re playing with the team, land has the A-team.

That’s right.

You have to land as a team that knows what they want, that is, to get a win.

Everybody has to be on the same page, and everybody has to be on the same priorities.

Get your objectives done, get your contracts done, get that other team wiped out, and start rotating to get to a position where you can win.

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re a natural leader.

So get your teammates focused and start taking them to the promised land.

  1. A loadout should be your priority.

This game is all about resources.

You want to get to the money as fast as possible. Get your loadout and put yourself in the best situation to wipe out enemy teams.

At the end of the day, it’s about the team that can stay on the map the longest.

Make sure you have all the resources you need from the very beginning so that you’re ready for any situation that comes up.

  1. Use the game mechanics to your advantage.

Start learning how to break people’s camera screens, especially on consoles, with that little FOV.

You’re going to be able to get out of their camera and get into a position where you’re going to be able to down them very quickly.

So jumping into a player’s POV, jumping in through doors mounting on doors where you’re on a heady that they can’t see your whole body.

These are all game mechanics that allow you to get an advantage to win more gunfights.

Start using them.

Stop complaining about people using this against me. Now you need to start using the game mechanics against other people.

That’s what’s going to help you improve at this game and have a lot more fun when you’re dropping them double-digit kills. Here are other great tactics to help you dominate call of duty rebirth Island

  1. Use advanced movements

Bunny hop drop shot, jump shot, these are all your best friends.

You need to start learning advanced movements to increase the odds of you winning more gunfights.

Bunny hops are good for popping out of cover or for popping into cover.

You want to use bunny hops very creatively.

Drop shots are good for close-range combat. I think it would also be good for mid-range combat if you got that mouse and keyboard and you’re just an absolute animal with your aim.

That can definitely mess up somebody who is on aim assist and is playing with a controller.

So start getting used to using advanced techniques.

  1. Centering your crosshairs.

You want to keep your crosshairs near the chest and neck area.

Because this is going to allow you to down enemy opponents easier when you’re aiming for their heads.

Most of us look down when we’re playing War zone, and we want to start bringing our crosshair more to the center of the screen because this also makes it easier to adjust your aim when you’re looking for a threat that might be further.

Now, most of the time, people are going to be elevated above you. Or they’re going to be on a ground level.

They’re not going to be below your feet.

So you want to have your crosshairs centered because that will allow you to make a faster reaction and adjustment to your aim to down enemy opponents.

Which is going to keep you alive and ultimately help you win more games.

So start centering your Crosshairs.

  1. Focus on one skill per week.

Improving your gun skills or movements or rotating around the map.

These are all different aspects of the game that we can improve on to help us get better as players.

So focus on one of these skills to improve over the week by watching different videos, reading more articles on the subject.

  1. Be more versatile

Learn to use different techniques that allow you to be more unpredictable.

Look at your favorite superhero or your favorite athlete. They don’t just have one trick.

They have multiple moves in their arsenal.

So learn some different techniques, and you’re going to start winning a lot more gunfights.

  1. Give detailed comms.

You want to be able to give detailed descriptions of what you’re looking at and what’s happening.

If you can do this, you’re gonna give your team an advantage to win more gunfights.

Additionally, it’s going to help you pay more attention to details.

Which will ultimately help you and your team excel, COD Vanguard Hacks and win more games.

  1. End circle

The end circle is all about being prepared and being patient.

When you start to notice that you’re entering that end circle and the teams are dwindling down.

It’s time to start looking at getting a power position, having killstreaks, the right equipment, a self revive, and just having the right tools to help you win and close out this game.

All you need to do is be prepared and be patient, and that right opportunity to strike will present it.

Thank you for reading this far, people.

I hope all of these tips proved helpful. Let me know in the comments down below.

Till next time.

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