All video downloader to save HD & 4K videos from social sites

A powerful and easy-to-use video downloader is new. However, one of the best apps is downloading videos from Facebook, TikTok, and other social media apps. Video downloading has been made easier through the use of this application. The features are great, and anyone can use this app easily without a user manual. This application can become your Facebook video downloader as well as a downloader for Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

How to Use this free Video Downloader

Chose Video Which you want to download

This downloader automatically Detect video

Click on the download button

Finally, your required video is downloading

Main Features of Video saver

The features of this application are noteworthy and helped many people through the hassle of downloading videos from different social media sites & apps.


Downloading Speed of all video downloader


The downloading is done with the speed of light. It would not take you more than a few minutes to download videos from any app.

This app is an excellent video saver. You can download more than one video at a time without worrying about the data.

Even though you are downloading many things simultaneously, the downloading speed will not be affected.

Its Fast downloading will help you to save your time.

Video Player

The app also consists of a video player so that you do not need to exit the app after downloading the app.

You can easily watch the video on the app even when you are offline.

If you did not like the downloaded video, you could delete it after watching it on the same app.

This Downloader has a built-in player.

Search Option

The app also provides you options to search the video on the internet and download it from there.

You can also copy-paste the link and download it easily from there.

Premium Features of Free video downloader


For quick access, you can easily add shortcuts to your favorite website, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.


Add videos and bookmark them if you do not want to download them at that time and want to do it at another time.

Easy to Use

The app layout is easy to use, and everyone can operate it. You will not get confused while using the app. Other competitors have apps that require a lot of brain energy to understand. This app will help you save time that can be used in enjoying the downloaded videos.

Downloading Formats

This Downloader supports all video formats like mp3, mp4, m4a, m4v, mov, avi, wmv etc

Large file download supported

You can download video ever if the video are too big in size

Download Video

This downloader Supports to download videos from all famous social media.

Fast Video Downloader

If you want Fast downloading and best video quality must use this video downloader to fulfill your deed.

Free Video Downloader

This is a free video downloader that downloads all video formats.

SD card supported

This downloader also supports SD card. You can save videos in SD card directly by using this downloader.

Password-protected folder

After downloading a video you can save the video in a password protected folder in the downloader.

Multiple Downloading

You can download different videos from different social media apps at once, and it will not affect the app’s speed. The app will not suddenly stop working. The bugs are fixed.

Night/Bright Mode

If the user uses the app at night, night mode can be activated to protect your eyes. The bright mode can help when you cannot see anything during the daytime because of the bright light.


This free video downloader is the best app the user can install to download videos. Many other apps are doing the same, but it’s too good.

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