House In Maryland To A Farmhouse

11 Steps to Turn a Small House In Maryland To A Farmhouse

Maryland, a state with beautiful landscapes and so much to offer, is one of the most popular places in America for people who want to live on a farm or own land. But what if your dream house doesn’t have any space? It can be tough finding that perfect home for you because these days everyone wants more than just two bedrooms and a kitchen. Luckily for people looking to turn their small homes into something bigger, there are some simple steps they can take. Read below to see how you can go from living in an apartment to owning property that’s worth bragging about!

Paint the walls in Neutral Shades

The biggest thing you can do to make your small house feel bigger is by painting the walls in neutral colors. This will give it a sense of calm and space that just feels more welcoming than dark or bright colors. Also, light shades on the walls give a broader and wide look to space. A farmhouse-inspired home has neutral or light tone walls.

Add Paintings and Framed Pictures to the Walls

Adding paintings or framed pictures to your walls is a great way of adding color, interest, and texture. While you may not want too many frames as this can make the space look cluttered, one or two will do wonders for how it looks. Add some modern art pieces to bring in life or create awesome wall decor by hanging one of the exciting patterned modern rugs on the wall. You can also try filling the wall space with artwork that is representative of your interests. For example, if you are passionate about travel and photography, hang your favorite framed photographs on the walls or fill them in with art pieces from different places like Africa, Asia, Europe, and so on.

Go for a Floor Covering

Cover up the floor by laying down a rug. You can use it to accent your furniture or as an area of interest for your living room and dining space. Rugs are not just practical but also easy on the eyes, adding warmth and coziness to any home decor arrangement. For those looking for some extra cushioning underfoot, these are the answers. You can get the most fabulous rugs online in your region from RugKnots.

Simple Furniture

A living room is a space for relaxation. It should be inviting and not overwhelming with too much furniture. A few chairs or sofas, lamps on the side tables are all that you need in order to make your guest feel at home when they walk into this particular space of your house and make your house bigger like a farmhouse. Are large enough, bring in some extra seating by using window seats or benches. It’s important to have comfortable furniture and plenty of pillows for the beds so that your guests can rest their heads on them when they get tired from all this exploring. Add soft blankets if you want to. An area rugs on the floor will make the place wider and cozier.

Curtains and Blinds

If your windows are without curtains or blinds, it would be wise to invest in some. Window treatments can make a living room feel more cozy and comfortable. As you can see from these examples, adding curtains and blinds to your windows is an easy way to add privacy without feeling claustrophobic. These window treatments are also a very affordable investment that will make for a comfortable space in any home!

Choose Colors Wisely

Paint colors can have a huge effect on the mood and atmosphere of a space. The colors that you choose for your home should depend on what kind of feeling you want to create in each room. For instance, if you want your bathroom to feel cozy and welcoming then cool shades like blue or green would be perfect! But if you’re looking for an area where people can destress and enjoy themselves then warm colors like orange or red will be the best choice for you. The same goes for your living room: if you want it to feel more inviting and cozy, try adding a blue hue with some other pastel shades mixed in!

Use Wood and Metal Art

Wood and stone are timeless choices that have been popular for centuries. Wood accessories are used to bring a rustic feel and add an industrial touch. Metal art can be a great accent in an already modern space. An abstract sculpture or metal wall décor can set off your decor and give it that extra special something you’ve been looking for!

Earthy Tones Everywhere

This is not a look for everyone, but if you’re looking to create that rich and earthy vibe then go with browns or greens. The same goes for your furniture: dark wood tables, chairs, and sofas will give the room depth while also being easy on the eyes. Farmhouse decor is all about using beige and earthy tones in your home. For those who are too afraid to go full out on the earthy tones, try adding some natural touches. For example plants in every window sill or a solid wood coffee table can give your home that outdoors feels without sacrificing style!

Clean Lines and Narrow Spaces

Narrow spaces like hallways will be more open if you use clean lines and light colors. This will create a sense of airiness which can be hard to do in a small home, but not impossible!

Bring in Some Natural Light

Natural light can make any room feel larger. If you live in an apartment with windows, use them to your advantage and make the most of every single inch! Natural light helps with the mood of a room as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Use of Vertical Space

If you want to make use of all the space in your home, don’t be afraid to try out vertical spaces! If you live in a high-floor apartment or have limited furniture space and need it vertically, consider using staircases as space and walls to store things.

Summing Up

 You might have been looking for inspiration to turn your house into a farmhouse, and we hope you found it here! With just a little bit of creativity and some handy work, there are many ways that any home can be transformed. We encourage you to visit our website for more ideas on how to take the small house in Maryland from ordinary to extraordinary with these 11 easy steps.

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