Cloud Migration Myths

Debunking the Most Common Cloud Migration Myths That Exist Today

In today’s information age, businesses and enterprises are constantly moving online. Studies show that about 70% of companies intend to use the Cloud in some form for their business.

With such a growing industry becoming more popular every day, looking into the best cloud migration is understandable.

If you’re a small business owner looking into Cloud migration, we’re here to help. Read on for four of the most common myths in Cloud migration and some information to debunk them.

  1. Cloud Storage Is an Expensive Endeavor

One of the biggest myths to debunk is that cloud storage is an expensive choice. Many fear that storing on the Cloud will start off cheap but quickly grow much more pricy. Subscriptions can rise, additional costs can come, and many other price-rising difficulties.

The thing with this myth is that the price is primarily dependent on your provider and tier of service. Most providers will give several different levels of service. These give different storage amounts, maintenance services, and other such features.

If you find your storage is too expensive, simply customize it. You may choose to cut down on your data or add some diversity. You can take the money you save and begin looking into IFS ERP cost additions to really improve your business.

  1. Cloud Storage Is Less Secure Than Physical Storage

Another is that people believe that storing data on the cloud is insecure. Many feel that this opens up your data to hackers and possibly crashes or corruption. While this is partially true, it isn’t a complete truth.

Cloud storage does have possible issues, and some of these aren’t problems for physical storage. However, most reputable Cloud storage services focus on security and safety. This helps protect users, their data, and their businesses, making the Cloud just as safe as any other option.

  1. Users Have Less Control in the Cloud

Some worry that using the Cloud removes control from the user’s hands. While some IT departments specialize in on-premises storage, that doesn’t mean that users are losing control. Managed IT services and various other services in the IT industry help you maintain control.

In fact, with training, Cloud services usually provide more control for users. It also allows further collaboration and an easier time transferring data. Overall, Cloud storage is a great way to make a workplace more efficient.

  1. Migrating Is Difficult and Pricy

Cloud migration is often seen as a pricy and difficult procedure. And in fairness, it certainly isn’t simple. A migration includes new networking and storage infrastructure, setting up and deploying these features, and much more.

That said, using experts to help makes it much easier. For a small IT department or a team of individuals without training, this could prove impossible. Employing an expert team’s services will make this much easier and less pricy.

Cloud Migration Solutions

Cloud migration is a daunting task at times, but one that’s absolutely worth it.

If you have more questions about the best cloud migration tactics, be sure to check out the rest of our website. We’ve got tons of great information, no matter what your interests are.

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