Silver Rings for Women

11 Things You Should Look For When Choosing Silver Rings for Women

No matter what kind of outfit you put on, there’s one accessory that’s going to look great with it. Silver rings can dress up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and make your little black dress even more stunning.

The struggle is buying silver rings for women. If you don’t ask the right questions when you’re shopping around and run tests, you could end up with a green finger.

You’ve also got to consider what goes into cleaning the ring, and if the jewelry you choose isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to want to wear it.

We’ve got an entire list of things that you need to be on the lookout for. Check out this guide to learn how to buy the best silver band that money can buy.

  1. Check the Price Point 

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. There’s a good chance that the heavily discounted ring that you’re eying wasn’t made with real silver. has high-quality pieces for cheaper prices. That doesn’t mean that all bulk shops do, however. You need to be careful in this regard, or you could end up buying fake rings.

A good way to make sure that you don’t fall into a trap is to research the current market cost for silver at the moment. This will give you a price point to work with when you go shopping.

  1. Beware of the Material 

There are different types of silver jewelry out there. Of course, the most expensive is going to be pure silver. If you’re looking for something slightly cheaper, sterling isn’t a bad second choice.

There’s also Argentium silver. All these different materials have their own pros and cons that you should weigh before you buy.

Pure Silver 

This is the purest silver that you can buy, which means that it can be on the more expensive side. It’s also soft, so it scratches quite easily.

You should only take it out on the town for special occasions. The more often you expose it to the elements, the more likely you’re going to mess it up.

On a positive note, pure silver is beautiful to look at. It has a luster that will attract the eye like no other. It’s also hypoallergenic, meaning that it won’t turn your skin green.

Sterling Silver 

Sterling silver is created when pure silver is mixed with some other metal alloy, such as copper. This makes it a little more durable, but it’s still vulnerable to scratching because of how malleable the material is.

To answer for this problem, many manufacturers plate it to make it stronger. You should be able to wear it out without worrying about destroying it. The metal may still tarnish, but that’s not too hard to clean up.

Sterling silver is a little more common and obtainable financially than pure silver. As long as you take care of your ring, it can be as lustrous as the pure stuff as well.

Argentium Silver 

Argentium silver is a lot like sterling silver. The difference is that it’s a lot stronger, and you’ll never have to worry about rust. All Argentium pieces will be stamped as such.

If it’s not, there’s a good chance that it’s a knockoff.  We will warn you that Argentium isn’t easy to come by. When you can find it, it’s going to be expensive.

  1. Ask Questions 

If you have the opportunity to ask the seller questions about sterling silver rings, take it. It’s going to be the best way to get a good deal.

First, ask about a warranty. This way, if you find out that the piece isn’t real, or if it comes in the mail and isn’t what you thought it would be, you can send it back.

You should also discuss silver processing, hallmarks, and other features of the jewelry. Get a good understanding of what it is you’re purchasing.

  1. Look for Specifications 

Hallmarks are also known as specifications. Argentium silver pieces aren’t the only ones with little etchings that prove their authenticity. Most jewelry has these.

As far as rings go, it’s going to be on the inside of the widest part of the band. The etching is so small that it’s going to be hard for you to see it without a magnifying glass, but it should be there. Some manufactures will also slip a certificate of authenticity in the bag with your ring box.

  1. Get an Appraisal 

The ring you bought is gorgeous. It follows a lot of the criteria that we’ve mentioned so far, but you’re still worried that it’s not real. You can consult a professional if this is the case.

You will have to pay for this service. You should only do it if you are serious about your ring and want to make sure that it’s the best quality. It might not be something you can do with every piece of jewelry in your box.

  1. Run a Physical Test 

If you don’t want to pay for an appraiser to tell you the quality of your jewelry, you can always run physical tests on the ring by yourself. First, do a physical inspection.

If the ring has a stone, check all the clasps to be sure that they’re fastened. You don’t want your precious gem falling out on you. If you’re buying a used piece, look for tarnish.

Keep in mind that a little bit of wear doesn’t mean that the used ring isn’t worth buying. It may take a little elbow grease, but you can clean it off.

Hold a magnet up to the ring. If it attracts, there’s a good chance that your piece is fake because silver isn’t magnetic.

Grab a clean white cloth and use it to wipe your jewelry. If you’ve purchased a quality piece, black marks will appear. This is a common occurrence when you expose silver to the air.

Lastly, do a sound test. Tap something on your ring and listen out for a high-pitched ding that lasts for a few minutes. If you hear it, your ring is legit.

  1. Be Careful With Online Shops 

Not everyone can make it to a brick-and-mortar store to buy their jewelry in person. If this is the case for you, it’s okay to buy online, but be careful.

Most online shops do have a physical location somewhere. If the place you’re thinking about buying from doesn’t, that’s your first red flag.

When you find a ring that you’re interested in, click on the product page. The seller should have a detailed description of the piece, so you can get a good idea of what it is you’re buying.

Even if an online retailer has all of this, you should still take a minute to look up reviews and testimonials from other customers. You shouldn’t have to go too far to get these. Many jewelry shops have them right there on their site.

  1. Look for the Word Plated 

We’re going to go back to talking about the material quality of a piece for a moment. Cheap sterling silver rings may have the word “plated” written in the description. This means that it’s not real silver.

It’s only painted to look like it’s silver, but it’s an imitation. The material itself is often nickel or copper. If you have an allergy, plated silver jewelry will break you out or turn your finger green.

Over time, the plating will also wear away, revealing the other metal underneath. It’s not a pretty look.

  1. Keep All Documentation After Purchase 

When you buy expensive silver engagement rings, there’s a good chance that the retail employee will hand you a bunch of other documentation along with it. As we said before, one of these documents will most likely be a certificate of authenticity.

They’ll also give you warranty information and cleaning instructions to help you keep your piece looking beautiful for years to come.

  1. Check the Sizing 

If your ring isn’t comfortable to wear, there’s no point in buying it. Yeah, it’s beautiful, but you’re not going to want to put it on. Take a look at the size of your fingers.

If they’re long and slender, something too large would look bulky. At the same time, you don’t want to choose a ring that’s too small, or it will lose its wow factor.

If the ring is too tight, it’s going to be hard to take on and off, not to mention it won’t be comfortable to wear. On the same token, a ring that’s too loose will slide down your fingers all day. It’s annoying, and it risks your chances of losing your piece.

A band that’s too wide will get in the way of your daily activities. We will say that these sizing complications don’t have to be a deal-breaker. Ask the retailer if you’ll be able to resize the ring in the future.

  1. Consider the Care Instructions 

Purchasing silver rings isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s beautiful to look at, but it can be challenging to keep it clean. The good news is that tarnish isn’t a death sentence.


Silver is a soft material. It’s not hard to scuff and scratch it. As you can imagine, this doesn’t do wonders for its lustrous finish.

You can take it to a professional and pay them to buff the scratches out. Prevention is the best solution, however. Following proper storage practices is the best way to keep scuffs away.


Once a year or so, you’ll want to polish your rings to help them maintain their look. You can invest in a cleaner or use an at-home solution.

Add a few drops of a gentle soap into a cup of water. Drop the rings into the cup for a few minutes. Rinse the pieces off with cool water and dry them with a microfiber cloth.

Some people say that toothpaste is a good answer for tarnish, but it’s far too abrasive for silver. Make a simple paste out of baking soda and water instead.

Add a small amount of paste to a soft-bristled brush and polish your silver with it. Rinse the residue off with cool water and dry it with a cloth.


It’s not hard to remove tarnish from a piece of jewlery, but it can still be a pain. It’s easier to prevent tarnish from happening in the first place.

Instead of letting your rings sit in the jewlery box 24/7, take them out and wear them. Your natural body oils will keep the jewlery from tarnishing.

There are some exceptions to this. Take the rings off if you’re going to clean your house. The abrasiveness of the chemicals will damage your jewlery.

Lotions and hair sprays will speed up the tarnishing process. To avoid this, put your jewlery on after you finish getting ready to go out. Not before.


You don’t want your rings to clank together while they’re in your jewelry box. If they do, they’ll chip.

Using anti-tarnish strips will do as advertised. They’ll stop the rings from tarnishing. Putting your pieces in an airtight container and keeping them away from sunlight will also help with this.

Buying Silver Rings for Women 

Silver rings are the best accompaniment to any outfit. That is if you know what to look out for when you go shopping. If you don’t follow some of the steps we’ve talked about here, your new ring could turn your finger green.

That’s the last thing you want after you spend a large amount of money on silver rings for women! Don’t let yourself get scammed, and visit our blog for more tips on buying accessories.

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