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Most Common Types of Flood and Water Damages

Floods and natural disasters, broken pipes and leaks, they all happen unpredictable and at the same time, they can cause huge damages to our property. Moreover, excess water left behind unremoved can be the perfect environment for mould and bacteria growth, which are considered as highly dangerous for our health. 

Of course, not all types of water damages are the same, and the best course of action depends on many factors. According to the opinion of the experts from  Premier Flood Restoration one of the main advantages of hiring a professional to handle the water damages is exactly the fact that they would be able to find out the root cause and the best possible actions. This, on the other hand, leads to success each time. 

The causes of flood and water damages are numerous – they can be broken pipes and leaks, different types of natural disasters, appliances, and many more. In each case, though, immediate actions are required, to avoid further damages. We need to be able to determine at least the main types of them.This is really helpful as the knowledge will allow us to explain to the professionals what to expect when they arrive. Basically, there are 3 types of water that can threaten our property: 

1. Cleanwater

This is categorized as the least ruinous type, because the clean water is even considered as drinkable.  The “Cleanwater” comes from supply lines or broken pipes, and all other appliances that provide the water we drink. You might ask why in case of such a damage we must seek professional assistance? It might be the easiest one to handle, as it only needs dehumidifying, but if not adequately done, and if there is any excess water left, it has the potential to develop into one of the other 2 categories, which are more threatening. And the only way to be 100% sure that it is handled properly – is thanks to the experts. 

2. Greywater

Greywater is the second category of water damage you can experience. Usually the “grey water” comes from different appliances around our home, such as dishwashers, washing machines or toilets. It is not contaminant, but still, not safe for drinking. This leads to the conclusion that such water is not really harmful for our health, but it should not be left underestimated. Why? If not treated on time, it can allow for bacteria, contaminants and mould growth, and such can become a threat for both our health and home or commercial building. 

We need to add that the water from different home amenities can contain different chemicals (such as detergents), and this is the reason why the specialists from Stellar Flood Damage Restoration always recommend full sanitizing of the area after dealing with Greywater.

3. Blackwater

Blackwater is the most damaging and dangerous category of water damage we can experience. This water comes from floods, sewages and others, and in most cases contain different contaminants and bacteria. The most important thing to be said is that the blackwater requires immediate actions, because it hides huge risks for our health. There is no doubt that this category of water damage must and can only be handled by experts. They have the proper equipment and products and will be able to ensure yours and your beloved ones’ well being. Same as with the greywater, here, full sanitization is required to stop mould and bacteria growth.


No matter the type of water damage you are suffering from, accurate and immediate actions are the best thing that can be done. Even if you try dealing with the problem by yourself, it can only get worse. This is the main reason why you need to leave it to the professionals. This will not only achieve success, but will ensure your peace of mind.

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