Best Methods for Flood and Water Restoration Professionals Use

Best Methods for Flood and Water Restoration Professionals Use

Leaks, broken pipes, natural disasters – they can be devastating for your home if not taken care of properly and immediately. Your home is the place you want to feel safe and secure, so handling any possible issues accurately is a MUST if you want to keep it that way. Flood and water control damages can happen unexpectedly, and to be honest, no one ever expects such a hassle. But if you take the right actions, you can decrease the chance of further destruction and problems. 

Why should we hire professionals to handle water and flood damages? 

Excess water can cause a lot of problems, if not fully removed. Usually, homeowners do not have professional water extraction equipment, as it is really expensive and hard to be found. However, if you try removing it by yourself and there is any water left, it can allow for mould and bacteria to grow, and it can ruin wooden structures. Underestimating such damages can cause expensive and time-consuming repairs while calling a specialist to fully handle it, can only take a day. 

What is the process? 

Of course, all cases are different, in accordance to the size and type of issue and when it happened. But according to the experts from Splendor Floor Restoration with the right equipment, experience and knowledge, all kinds of issues can be resolved rapidly. 

1. Assessment

The initial step when the team arrives at your home, is evaluation of the flooded area. When the root cause is known, the experts would be aware of the best course of action and they will be able to take the necessary steps to resolve the problem quickly. 

2. Water extraction and dehumidifying

Following the assessment, proper equipment will be placed in the area, which will allow for all the water to be removed from your flooring. It is crucial to call a team right after you noticed the leak, because this will prevent the water from going deeper inside the floor causing bigger issues. Then, special dehumidifiers will allow for faster drying. This is one of the most important steps, because even if the visible water is removed, some might be soaked into the walls, carpets and flooring. The thing that can speed this up is the improved air circulation, so if the room or place has windows, you will need to keep them open. 

Tip: If possible, it would help if you are capable of moving all the furniture from the flooded area, in order to save it from any potential damages.  But of course, if you cannot do this, the specialists will gladly help! 

3. Monitoring

After all the carpeting is completely dry, the specialists from Ultra Flood Restoration recommend and perform close monitoring. This will ensure that no mould and bacteria growth will follow. The truth is that even if there is a really small amount of excess water, it can develop and cause further problems. 

When the experts are 100% that everything is dry, only then, they will remove the equipment and proceed with the last steps. 

4. Cleaning, sanitizing and odour removal

Lastly, when the initial problem is solved, you will have the whole area cleaned and sanitized for a complete peace of mind. This step will guarantee that there are no contaminants and bacteria left in the area. If you have carpet flooring, it is best to check for odour removal, as water might lead to odd smells. Of course, this could be an optional step, but we recommend trusting the experts.


Nowadays, flood and water restoration is way more affordable compared to the past. You do not have to go through all the hassle by yourself, when there is a trustworthy team you can rely on. Along with that using the highest-quality tools, combined with years of experience always lead to success. This is the reason why we always recommend hiring professionals when things get messy.

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