Most Common Pest Control Issues

Most Common Pest Control Issues

Regardless of their small size, most of the pests we can find in our houses, can be extremely dangerous. And yes – mostly for our health, but some of them can be ruinous for the property as well. And the bad news is that sometimes, they are really hard to fully exterminate – even for professionals. 

A clean home, does not always mean a pest-free home. Depending on the area you live in, and in accordance with the humidity levels and how your property is built, there can be hundreds of different types of pests that can attack it. And sometimes, as hard as we can – we are not physically able to avoid it. But with the proper assistance, there is nothing impossible, as advised by the specialists from Prudent Pest Control – you should have your home regularly checked for insects, because prevention is always the best you can do.

In any case, there are some pest related cases and some creatures that are harder to handle compared to others. And sadly, some of the most dangerous pests are some of the toughest ones to handle.  We have gathered the most common ones, so you can always be aware of what is expecting you. 

1. Termites

These little pests can lead to great damages to any wooden structures and furniture around the house, leading to costly expenses on repairs, and even accidents. The worst thing about termites is that they are usually hidden inside the walls and there is almost no way to find them before the damage is done. Of course, there are some indications that might be considered as hits of termites’ invasion. Such can be odd sounds from woods in the property. We can be certain that termites cannot be fully removed without professional assistance. 

2 Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are both dangerous for your health and at the same time, for your property. They increase the risk of fires, because these pests like to chew and eat cables and wires. In addition, they destroy textile furniture. While doing so, they are carrying a lot of different diseases and can contaminate your food and water. Mostly, these are to be found in winter, seeking for a warm place to stay. This is why, we recommend proper pest control during the winter season. 

3. Ants

Ants are not that highly dangerous, but it is a fact that they are living in colonies, and large groups and reproduce rapidly. Due to their small size, they can hide almost anywhere in your house. The chance of infecting the food is low, but ants invasion can lead to great food waste, and of course, seeing your favorite kitchen counter full of insects is definitely not a pleasure. Hiring an expert to handle ants, will guarantee there would be no ant left inside. 

4. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous insects for our health. They spread a variety of diseases such as malaria or Zika Virus. It is a known fact that mosquitoes tend to be found mostly near water and in areas with high levels of humidity, mostly in the summer season.  Prevention is the best way to decrease the chance of mosquitoes showing in our house. Professionals use special eco-friendly products that keep these insects away so you can enjoy a nice summer evening. 


Of course, there are some DIY methods that will help you to handle some of the pests that can be found in your home, but we always recommend hiring a professional to do this work – PROS are countless. And the good news is that the most reliable experts, such as Excel Pest Control are available for emergency services at any time! And even if there are no visible pests’ invasion signs – you can always count on a professional checkup. 

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